Introducing suspense/horror writer Vincent Bivona

I would like to thank April for letting me appear on her blog. Not only does she do a great job reaching out to other authors, but she has a knack for getting into a character's head and allowing the reader to identify with them as well. Just one look at a few lines in the first paragraph of The Promise can tell you that: "I stared down at my puke-covered Mary Janes and winced. Eww, gross. So much for my brand new shoes."

How can you not begin to identify with Cassie after that? That type of writing is so REAL! Which is what I believe good fiction is all about: Realism. We read to take a peek and escape into someone else’s life. The more believable the characters are, the easier we are able to accomplish this. The characters need to think, feel, have inner conflicts and secret ambitions, and April accomplishes this within the first few pages of her novel.

In addition to believable characters, I believe good fiction should take the reader through events that they could imagine happening to themselves. Like April, this is what I strove to do in Luke's Situation.

Let me ask you a few questions: Do you remember when you were a kid pretending to spy on your neighbors? Do you remember how you dressed in camo, crawled around on your hands and knees, and whispered into a walkie-talkie?

I do! If you haven’t, then I’m sure you can imagine what it must have been like. What you may not be able to imagine, however, is what might have happened if one of those neighbors caught you. The tortures you would have been subjected to. The gut-wrenching pain and terror.

Bryce Zapalski from Luke’s Situation is the neighbor that catches you. He embodies that neighbor that nobody truly knows. Like that guy next door, or the man down the block who always wears that baseball cap. In life, we come across these people all the time, but we never get close enough to really get to know what they’re like inside. All we do is wave, smile, and make the standard small talk. What if we did get closer to them, though? What if we were asked to spy on them for a friend? And what if we got caught doing it? What would happen then? I wrote Luke’s Situation to find that out.

Luke’s Situation is a suspenseful tale that follows 17-year-old Joe Panza as he battles with the horrors that begin to crumble his world after he is caught spying on the guy his neighbor’s ex-wife is dating.

Lawrence Kelter, bestselling author of The Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series, said that "LUKE'S SITUATION is a compelling drama that will keep you captivated from the very beginning to the very last page."
Why not find out if this is true for yourself?

I hope you have as much fun reading Luke’s Situation as I did writing it!

Vincent Bivona

Apryl Baker

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