Introducing Author Peter Meredith

The Horror of the Shade was inspired by the first of the two paranormal events that I've been connected with. Quite simply it was a two second ghost sighting, witnessed by me and two of my brothers, when I was just a lad of seven.

So how is that extrapolated out to a trilogy?

Step one: remove me and my two brothers.

Step two: change the ghost to a demon, add a hot, but diabolical witch. Throw in a hunky seventeen-year old and his hell-powered schizophrenic sister and you're in business.

Oh, I forgot to mention there will also be: Gypsies, exorcisms, blood, bullets, a nice sprinkling of sex, sin, murder, and a couple of trips into the wonderful vacation spot known as Hell...and did I mention sex? Right check that off the list.
Step three: Churn these all up into non-stop action, until you realize what you have is a family in dire peril. What is this story about? What every story is about: people. People in love, people in danger, people fighting for their very souls.

Thanks, Apryl for allowing me a few minutes to share.

Peter Meredith

Fictional works by Peter Meredith:

The Horror Of the Shade
An Illusion Of HELL
Hell Blade
The Punished
The Haunting At Red Feathers(Short Story)
The Haunting On Colonel's Row(Short Story)

Apryl Baker


  1. I love how you described how 'The Horror of the Shade' came to be! I'm intrigued, gonna go check out the Amazon link now! :)

  2. Way to go Peter!