Introducing Author Carlyle Labuschagne

Official extended Blurb of The Broken Destiny:
Ava is the great granddaughter of the founder of their kind. The Broken are Genetically enhanced to survive evolution during the last years on earth, but the "experiments" are abandoned and moved to another planet - Poseidon. Ava carries a secret journal of her mother's, this journal leads her to believe that they are not all what they seem. Monitored and ruled by the council, Ava has figure out their true identities and origins by deciphering her mother’s crazy ranting’s within this journal. As it is there are a few of The Broken that will experience a "change" , each generation’s change differs from the previous , all she knows for certain is her generation has been labeled the make it or break it generation. Weeks before Ava's seventeenth birthday an attempted kidnapping by Zulu warriors changes her destiny forever.

Saved by a Minoan boy she is taken back to his village where all the lies about her kind's existence and how they came to be exiled to planet Poseidon are brought to light. The Minoans are an ancient race who carry a secret that ties in with Ava's prophesied destiny. Within her unique bloodline she carries the prophesy of a rare soul, and within her soul she carries a secret weapon. To bring about the "change" that will release her abilities she has to get to know her soul first. To know one's soul you have to hate it and then come back from that. Poisoned, beaten, possessed and betrayal is the start of her journey towards her destiny.

She will stand up against the evil witch-doctor, who needs her soul to release the ancient ancestor's spirit of king Shaka Zulu's spirit. She falls in love with a boy who has been watching her from afar but now has to guide her thought her "change" , to intervene to protect her from herself , because her "change" has come a year too early.It might break her, and it could alter their existence forever, for her destiny is to rise above the fall and save them all, and though it all she will find herself. In the end she finds her ability, a rare ability that is of the most difficult to control, she is a mind-shifter.

Meet the characters:

Carlyle on why she wrote the book and what the message is to THE BROKEN DESTINY

I always had a need to express myself through various things, first sports and drama. But always found my heart and mind in bliss when writing. Been writing since the age of twelve. The Broken Destiny is my first completed book that came at a time in my life when I needed release. That is what writing is for me. Understanding the world , making sense of it all. Leaning about me and growing. This is a journey into my psyche I had always wanted to reveal to myself and others.


Everything that is broken can be fixed. This book is about a girl who goes through the worst mental and physical challenges to fulfill her destiny. I want my readers to identify with and take something from the book. That our differences make us phenomenal. That you are the creator of your journey and for your dreams to come true you need to believe in your dream but most importantly believe in yourself "dont allow fear to cripple your abilities, let love give you wings"

Author fun facts:

Carlyle was born and still lives in the largest made made urban forest : Johannesburg South Africa
Married her bad boy teenage sweetheart Dirk.
Two sons Ethan and Jordan
Obsessed with trees, in fact its all she can paint and draw are trees.
Loves to paint on walls and cupboards
Has had her fair share of activities : Figure skater, gymnast , swimmer, hip hop dancer, pole dancing, rock climbing, athlete, TV Presenting.
Needless to say Carlyle loves to have fun and keep busy.
Works as a Marketing and PR consultant by day, after reading and putting her kids to bed at night she will write and work on all things the author world has brought her.
Her best friend : Her imagination.
Loves to swim.

Where can we find Carlyle?

Twitter :!/CarlyleL
Website :
Facebook :!/pages/Carlyle-Labuschagne/189835811074342

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  1. Awesome post! Found Carlyle on Twitter awhile ago. Nice to get to know her better :)

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    I'm so excited for this book!