Introducing Author Diana Murdock

I don’t hide behind the words I write.
I live them.
I breathe them.
I am them.
What you see is what you get.

As it is, I should think, with every writer. We speak from our souls, and like the air that we breathe in order to live, we need to write in order to stay sane. There’s always a certain something simmering just below the surface that keeps us keenly aware of our surroundings and has us listening to our hearts. Be it personal experiences or our interpretation, we take it all in and file it away for another day.

I read something on Facebook some time ago that pretty much sums it up: “You know you’re a writer when you’re about to pass out from pain and all you can think is, ‘At least I’ll be able to write something like this realistically now.’”

So we write what we know. This is what I did with my first novel, Again, a story of two women, born centuries apart, who accept lives of obligation and responsibility; lives without passion, with men who would claim them for their own. Until, that is, a chain of events complicates things in ways they never imagined, all because of one man’s love for a woman…a love that crosses through centuries to find her again.

I know this story, because I lived it. Well, most of it anyway. I’ve always been fascinated with reincarnation and have had recurring dreams and visions, which compelled me to write this novel. This was me, and I was her.

My next soon-to-be-released novel, Souled, is also based on personal experience. I’ve always known about soul attachments, in which an earth-bound spirit, benign or malevolent, can attach itself to a person. My ex had one (and probably still does) as did my young son (who has been cleared). A fascinating and sometimes chilling experience, I had to write about it.

Here is the blurb for the novel:

Power and Control…

What 17-year-old boy wouldn’t be tempted by the promise of power and control - no matter what form that promise came in?

Seth knew exactly what he would do with power and control. He’d be well on his way to a wrestling scholarship, his dad could stop working so hard to make ends meet, and he’d forever have the heart of his girlfriend, Sandpoint High’s most beautiful girl.

For Seth, the temptation was much too strong to resist. And why should he? The way he saw it, he had everything to gain.

But when he unknowingly invites another soul to share his body, Seth discovers that not all power is good – especially when it was never his to wield. And when the soul reveals its true intentions, will Seth have the strength to fight it or would death be less painful?

~ ~ ~

Everyone has a story to tell. Some choose to live it. Some choose to write it. And some choose to read about it. Which one are you?

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Apryl Baker


  1. Great post, Diana! I just love the way you write and AGAIN is a great book! Can't wait for SOULED!

  2. Thank you for swinging by, Marcia! The best stories are told from the heart... Can't wait to read your work as well!

  3. I loved AGAIN. What a fantastic story, Diana. And of course I can't wait to read Souled. Hurry up and release it to the world, sis!!!

    I didn't know about the soul attachment but I am fascinated by this kind of subjects. Need to learn more from you. What do you mean when you say that your younger son had it and was cleared? How do you get cleared?


  4. Hey Angela! There was a time when my youngest would turn on me when I would deny him the use of video games or sugar, both things showed definite signs of addition to. I would see a definite change in his eyes (the most telling) and the way he would posture himself. Completely out of character. To be more accurate, I felt a change in him. When I took those things away from him, he'd almost go through withdrawals. I suspected an attachment because it was just Hard to put into words. I had consulted a spiritual guide who connected with him and confirmed what I had felt. He had an attachment of a man who had died with his own addiction and was seeking someone living to continue the feeling he got when he abused whatever it was. So, through my youngest's rush that he would get from the games and sugar, the attachment got his fix. She was able to help the entity "cross the veil" and leave my son alone and I did see a definite change in him. He was more calm after that. Woo-woo. Yeah, but it's out there. Remind me to tell you of the ex...

  5. Diana, these stories are nothing short of amazing! I thought things like that really only happened in fiction. Fascinating. I loved AGAIN too. I'm slooowly trying to get through everyone's books!

  6. Wow, I need to talk with you about the details. I had not idea things like this can be real. Interesting.