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Fate is the first book in the series, Timeless Trilogy. The series revolves around the lives, loves and paranormal abilities of three women; Kristina Collins, Veronica Myers and Cassandra Locke. Kris takes center stage in Fate and enjoys a quiet, successful life as an independent television producer near Charleston, South Carolina. Her life turns upside down when she discovers that she’s being stalked by a serial killer. An old love reappears and new friends emerge as she deals with the drama.

When I started writing Fate, I had no idea that it was the beginning of a trilogy. The supporting female characters in Fate pretty much demanded their own books, so I had to oblige. Each of the novels that make up the trilogy, Fate, Spellbound and Destiny, has a distinct paranormal theme which springs from my own fascination with the supernatural. Pair that with my love of romantic suspense and you have three separate, but intertwined stories. The paranormal aspects of the books have nothing to do with mythical creatures, but with the very real abilities some of us have to tap into senses and create experiences beyond what is considered “normal.”

I’m currently working on a new series, one that revolves around another bit character in Fate and Destiny, Jeri Forbes. Jeri is the FBI agent assigned to protect Kris from the serial killer in Fate. Her series follows her and her team as they investigate serial murders throughout the country. As with my other novels, Jeri’s stories will have a paranormal aspect as well as a bit of romance. Readers can find a backstory for one of the characters in Jeri’s first case at “Kelly’s Christmas" is not your typical feel-good type of story running rampant during the holiday season, but rather offers insight into Kelly’s situation prior to joining Jeri’s team.

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