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I sit here staring at a blank document, the day before this is to be posted and am still clueless as to what to write. What would you all really want to know, do you even want to know, oh so many questions going through my mind. This is my thought process on a daily basis, cycle through all the babble crap of self doubt and then get to work. The voices in my head don’t help much, they sit back and laugh at my inner turmoil, then bombard me with what to write all at once. Or so it has been lately. Today after the cycle, the voices stayed quiet and I turned to my closest critique partner. After a wonderful chat with her, and some wise advice, inspiration hit. The first thing I need to do is give you a bit about the book and maybe introduce you to one of my favorite characters.

Destiny Finds Her is Book one in the Destiny series. This is Jami and Donovan’s story. Jami’s world gets turned upside down, the impossible becomes possible and before she knows it she’s traveling back in time to save a clan and a man she doesn’t even know but is told is her destiny. Everything was going normal for Donovan before he stumbles upon a girl who looks like no other he has ever seen, upon confronting her, she simply disappeared, into thin air. Little does he know that girl is destined to save his family, his clan, and himself from utter destruction and devastation. Can he trust his gut enough to help her?

Now you probably think I am going to introduce you to Jami or even Donovan, nope I am going to let you meet Drea. She is one of my favorite supporting characters in this story and I think she deserves to shine a bit on her own. Drea, short for Alexandrea, is the eldest daughter in a band of gypsy’s that travel through Donovan’s land a few time s a year. She has powers of her own, but she can’t control them like some. She is what they call a seer (see – er) her visions are where she meets Jami for the first time and where she learns how important she will be to the O’Rorke clan. Thanks to her father Drea learns quickly how to help Jami harness and develop her blood powers. Drea becomes a great friend from and one of Jami’s only allies from the start. Drea is a bit mischievous though; she thoroughly enjoys the torment they put Donovan through and helps out any chance she gets. So keep a look out for Drea, she just may pop up in her very own story down the road. For now she is content helping to guide Jami and the O’Rorke family.

So that is just a bit about Destiny Finds Her and I hope you are just as intrigued by Drea as I was the first time I met her. Want to learn more, meet more characters? Then stay tuned to my new author blog/website You can also find me at and on twitter @MyEclecticBook.

Apryl Baker

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  1. Thanks for having me Apryl, it was fun sharing a bit of my characters with your readers.