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I'm C.C.Cole, author of the Gastar Series, four novellas when completed, and two are published. The medieval dark fantasy stories follow teen assassin Shevata as she travels through the history of her home city of Gastar for redemption of her past actions and to re-gain her soul.

The first novella, "Act of Redemption" was published in 2009. In the first book, Gastar stands in ruins two centuries after Shevata kills the last living priest of an evil deity. Her soul is removed as punishment, the city falls, and the few remaining people await annihilation by a demon lord who has arrived to make the city part of his realm in the underworld. Through the efforts of Shevata, her mentor, and a trio of heroes from the past, they defend the people to save the city. It has been listed on Goodreads as Best Independent Novel, and Shevata won Most Memorable Female Action Heroine, Assassin category.

The second novella, "Children of Discord" was published in 2011. Shevata returns to Gastar two centuries later. The city is growing back to the glory days of the past. Her enemy, the boy Goldeon, now in Gastar, plans to take the city from the inside. The people, now more sophisticated but naive to the horrors of Gastar's history, are placed in the center of a secret war between the two powerful children from the past. Shevata takes her first steps to reclaim her humanity at the book's dramatic end. This book won an NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for fiction summer 2011.

The third novella, "Point of Return," is in progress.

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Goodreads reviews of "Act of Redemption"
Amazon link to "Act of Redemption"

Goodreads reviews of "Children of Discord"
Amazon link to "Children of Discord"

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