Introducing Author Tiffany Flowers

(I am sitting in my living room typing away when the door opens and in walks Alex, Jade, Cain, Connor, and Dimitri.)
Me: Hi guys. Where is Hunter and Layla?
Jade (plops down beside me on the couch.): She is taking care of the little dragons today and you know Hunter isn’t going to leave her by herself.
Dimitri (sits on the coffee table in front of me): How are you today Beautiful?
(Connor and Cain take the love seat.  Alex sits next to Jade.)
Connor: She’s married Dimitri back off
Cain: You two don’t start.
Jade: We are here for a reason guys. Stop fighting before I torch your asses. Now I do believe we are supposed to introduce you.
Alex: So all we need to do is say here is Author Tiffany Flowers?
Cain: No doofus. We are here to ask questions and tell people why she is so amazing.
Dimitri: I know why she is so amazing.
(Alex, Jade and Cain Sigh and start harping on him. Too many people talking all at once to really hear what they are saying. Cain pops Dimitri in the back of the head.)
Connor: Dimitri one more word like that and you are going back.
(Dimitri laughs them off and smiles at me.) : What you didn’t say I couldn’t look at her you just said talk.
Cain: Smartass (He rubs his hand through is now green Mohawk)
Jade: We are getting off topic again
Alex: Everyone will ask a question. We will go around the room.
Jade: Me first. OK. Tiffany where are you from?
Me (Tiffany): I am from Southern Alabama and I still live there with my kiddos and Husband. We also have three dogs (Bella, Peanut, and Alice) Peanut was supposed to be Rose but my son couldn’t remember it and called her Peanut.  Yes we are all Twilight fans.
Alex: How many books do you have out?
Me: I have 4 released Missing Pieces, Broken Pieces, Blood Bond and of course your book Fire.
Dimitri: I don’t have a question. Sorry (he winks at me)
Cain: What makes you Unique?
Dimitri: And your books Unique?
(Everyone laughs and Cain slaps Dimitri in the head again.)
Me: So what makes me and my work Unique…Hmmm I would say that I write Paranormal Romance, but even someone who doesn’t really care for Paranormal would love my books. My stories are not your everyday Paranormal.
Connor: I really don’t know what to ask. How about you just tell us what you want us to know about you.
Me:  I am the crazy lady that hears voices; you know, the one your mom warned you about.  I love zero bars and fruit punch from Simply. They are my go-to snacks for writing. That work?
Jade: Why don’t you tell them why writing has helped you so much?
Me: OK… If you ever met me, you would think I was the most outgoing person ever. But I suffer from Depression and Anxiety, all the while, smiling and talking about my books. I am also worried that you won’t like me or that I will say the wrong thing. I do my best not to let them control my life and most of the time, I do a good job. My writing has helped me a lot with my depression. When I feel sad, I pull out my laptop and write, getting out of my head and into my stories. So, as you read one of my stories, know that what you hold in your hand isn’t just words. It’s a part of my soul.
Dimitri: Now you make me feel bad about playing around.
Me: Dimitri don’t ever feel bad about being you. If I ever need a laugh I know you are the person to go to.
Cain: What book is next to release?
Connor: Please don’t be me. I’m not ready yet.
Me: Actually it is a Book in the Tattoo with a Bite Series, Tainted Tears.
Alex: Vampires really. Dragons are so much better.
Me: Well, tell your buddies to start talking to me and I can write their books.
Jade: Well we need to be getting back to the little dragons. I am sure Layla is overwhelmed, but one last question or rather request. Tell us some quirky details about yourself. It can be anything.
Me: …. More little things about me. I say y’all more than I should. Any time I ever have to use an automated phone service, they can’t understand my southern slang. I love mixing mayo and ketchup together for dipping fries and meats in. I am one of those weird people who will dip their fries in their milkshake (Chocolate…the only flavor there should be). I listen to rock while writing… (Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, Dorothy, Thousand foot Krutch...Just to name a few). I am not sure how many more things I need to tell you so that you know just how weird and quirky I am while also trying to show how cool I am. Is it working? No, you need more? The only thing I can tell you to do is meet me at a signing and see for yourself. I promise to squeeze you tight.
(Jade and Alex squeeze me in one great big hug and walk out the door. Cain and Connor take their turns to squeeze me too. I reach out for a hug from Dimitri and he pulls me tight giving me a peck on the cheek.)
Dimitri: You keep fighting you hear me. And at any time the world becomes too much come find me. I’ll take you for a spin and let the wind wipe it all away.
(His brown eyes telling me his outer goofy fun loving shell is not all there is to him. I squeeze him one last time and nod. He walks out the door with a wave leaving me alone inside my living room wondering if it was all in my head.)

Fire Blurb and Cover:

Dragons are not supposed to exist. They are just fairy tale creatures in stories used to get children to sleep. Now faced with a living breathing Dragon, Jade Teal has no choice but to believe. And with this newfound knowledge, danger arrives at every turn.

Alex Sparks is the leader of the Drac Dragon Clan. He doesn’t want a mate, ever. Sent out on a rescue mission to save a human female, he comes face to face with someone that he did not expect. To protect her, his world will be set on fire.

Apryl Baker

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