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Hi! My name is Michael Weekly and I’m super excited to be a part of Apryl Baker’s Blog Fest. I mainly write all things Fantasy and spend most of my time on the reading/writing site Wattpad. I decided to do a character interview with the cast of Evergreen, my LGBT friendly fantasy that’s heavily based on the Power Rangers. So, without further ado! I bring you select characters from my book! 

Tricka: Hi, my name is Tricka Flufferwerd and I’ll be your honest for today’s show. I know it’s rather odd having an infamous thief, be the host of a show, but who’s gonna stop me, eh? (eyes the audience) That’s what I thought. I’m more than pleased to introduce two characters from Evergreen. Vera and Trae! (the audience claps as Vera and Trae walk onto stage)

Tricka: (Vera and Trae sit down) I’m so thrilled to have you two on the show. What is like not getting cast as a main character in Evergreen? 

Vera: (smiles from the random bluntness) Uhm. I don’t know, I like being on the side. I wouldn’t have met Trae if we weren’t just average Ever Guards. (holds his hand) 

Trae: Yeah, I don’t think we’d ever get the chance to fall for each other if we were the center of attention. Besides, Calvin’s got enough to handle and I don’t think I’d be able to cope. 

Tricka: Why is that? 

Vera: Well Calvin’s, you know, he’s the Fae Guard. He’s supposed to keep fairies and pixies in their designated forests. I don’t think any of us would want to be that kind of guard. Pixies and fairies are the most malicious magical creature there is. 

Trae: Plus, he has a thing for Vinnie. Look, we don’t judge our friends but why are you falling for some suspicious dude who, just happens, to see Evergreen. Humans can’t see our secluded community and he shows up out of nowhere, walking in the community like nothing. (chuckles, shaking his head)

Tricka: For those who haven’t read the books, can you please elaborate about Evergreen?

Vera: (fixes her hair and turns to audience) Evergreen is a secluded community in Colorado. It’s surrounded by Evergreen trees, hence its name. The Ever Guards live there and there’s a reason why it’s cloaked from human eyes—it’s so that they’ll keep not believing in magic and it helps us save their lives from it. Ever Guards are like gatekeepers of magic, we keep all things magical without reach. 

Tricka: So, I’m getting you two don’t like Vinnie? (Trae and Vera avoid eye contact) 

Tricka: What about Calvin? He’s the main character of the story. What did you think about him?

Trae: At first, we didn’t really connect as much. I think he was worried I’d treat him like the jerk guys who found out about him being gay. I’m not like one of those guys, I didn’t care and I think Calvin treated me like them. It hurt, it really did. 

Vera: (Leans in to Tricka) They’re fine now, and I like Calvin. He has spunk and good fashion (winks) I’m just worried how he’ll cope being the evil queen’s son. (shudders) I don’t know what Michael is getting ready to write about that. It’s really messy when it comes to writing Calvin’s storyline. He has so much going on and I don’t want him to become the Prince of Darkness. 

Trae: I wouldn’t mind Michael writing a steamy of us together (grips Vera’s thigh. She giggles, pushing his hand away) seriously, we need some alone time together. (Kisses Vera and the crowd goes wild) 

Tricka: (Laughs) Woah there, you two love birds! (Vera blushes and looks away)

Tricka: Hey, Trae. I actually want to ask you about something. 

Trae: Sure what’s up? 

Tricka: Well, how did you feel about Vera going missing? Michael didn’t really get too much into the Ever Guards finding her. (Vera lowers her gaze) 

Trae: (Trae looks over at Vera) It felt like my world stopped and I was under water drowning without her. It was the worst feeling I had ever felt before, I wanted so badly to go back into that mansion and help her. To find her, to save her. There were too many pixies after us and (stumbles over words) 

Tricka: I’m sorry if I hit too deep. (Trae raises his hand)

Trae: I’m sorry, I can’t—really talk about it. (He gets up to leave) 

Vera: Wait, Trae…honey. (Vera looks back at Tricka.) Thank you for having us on the show. (Vera runs after Trae)

Tricka: Sometimes it’s inevitable when you’re meeting with death. (Takes a deep breath) I do have someone else coming on the show. Please give a warm welcome to Calvin Jiroux, our main character! (A thunderous applause fills the space) 

Calvin: (Waving at everyone and sits down) Wow, I’m so nervous…ha. 

Tricka: Why? Don’t be nervous!

Calvin: I’m just not used to all the attention. I honestly didn’t think Evergreen would get this huge. (Smiling awkwardly) 

Tricka: So Calvin, how did you feel, finding out you were an Ever Guard? What was going through your mind? 

Calvin: I was actually excited to get powers. It reminded me of the comic books I used to read, but I just didn’t think I’d have fairy wings or anything. (Raises hands) Not that I have anything against fairies.

Tricka: Were you afraid of being judged by your new friends at any moment? 

Calvin: Being gay is a part of me and I didn’t plan on changing for anyone. It’s just who I am and being an Ever Guard comes with that too, I guess. It’s something I’ve dealt with all of my life, being more colorful than others. 

Tricka: But you’d change for Vinnie right? He’s the dragon you’d never thought of loving?

Calvin: (Thinks to himself) Vinnie understands who I am and he gets me. It’s not that I don’t want to love him, I do, I just—Well, I know I shouldn’t love someone who has mal intentions, but have you ever not been in love? Have you ever been touched a certain way from being in a relationship? (Looks to the audience) It’s different. I’ve never been in love and I had my first kiss with him. Vinnie isn’t just an evil character—he’s my first love. 

Tricka: (Crowd starts to mutter) Well, I think that’s the end of our show for the day! It was so nice to have you come out Calvin. 

Calvin: It was fun being on the show…

Tricka: (Tricka stands up and walks up to the audience) And now for some more information about our author!

Michael Weekly is a professional writer known for his ability to construct detailed, believable worlds and then to inject them with captivating stories and relatable characters. His big break came three years ago when he started writing on a site called Wattpad. Prior to that, he had written mainly as a hobby and as an exercise in relaxation and meditation, using writing as an escape out of the world and into his own mind.

Writing in the genres of Urban Fantasy, Dystopian YA, and NA, Michael is the author of Mystical, which has earned a ton of positive feedback. Mystical was picked up by Limitless Publishing in 2015, and since then, Michael has been working on additional entries to the series.

When he is not writing, Michael also enjoys playing video games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft. He enjoys being a shopaholic and a professional foodie. He lives in Virginia with his imaginary furry companion CoCo, where the two live happily.

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