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5 Things to Love About Violet Streiff in Without You
By: Lindsay Detwiler

Who is your favorite character you’ve written?

I find myself coming back to the same answer when asked this question: Violet Streiff from Without You.

Without You, my second novel, is a new adult novel that follows two women, Jenna and Violet, through a year of big changes. Both women are in their late twenties and live in the same town, but they have very different lives. Jenna is married to the hunky Camden and works as an accountant. She’s rational to the core. Violet is the zany redhead who started her own bakery slash coffee shop out of college. After a horrible breakup, she’s feeling forever alone, struggling with the single life.

Violet is my favorite because she’s everything I’m not. She’s wild and a bit free-spirited. She thinks with her heart while I, like Jenna, tend to think with my head. She’s an eternal optimist, a believer in love, and a dream chaser.

But that’s not all Violet has going for her. Read on to find five reasons you’ll be rooting for Violet Streiff in Without You. Plus, be sure to check out my giveaway at the bottom of this post where you can win a gift basket of Violet’s favorite things!

1.     Violet’s a cat lady.
Violet has an eighteen-pound cat named Bob whom she adopted from her elderly neighbor when she had to go to a nursing home. Bob loves cupcakes and goes with Vi on Sunday to visit his previous owner.

My real life Bob is on the left...and he likes cupcakes, just like Violet's Bob.
1.     Violet has an awesome, hilarious best friend named Ray.
Violet met Ray in college when he asked to borrow her pen. Ray’s not afraid to call Violet by her most hated nickname—Purple—or to tell her she’s being too uptight. Violet’s not afraid to tell Ray his girlfriend Raina is creepy. Their friendly, playful banter will make you want your own Ray in your life.
2.    Violet loves literature, coffee, and cupcakes.
Although we’re very different, she’s a girl after my own heart. She started her bakery/coffee shop called Vi’s, which is the setting for much of the book, to combine her love for all three.

3.    She’s got a great sense of humor.
Even when she’s going through some intense moments in the book and heavy drama, she doesn’t lose her sense of humor. She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself or to see her own faults. She’s relatable because she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

4.    She’s loyal to her family and to her values.
She helps her sister out by babysitting her niece. Despite her mom’s botched blind date attempts, she still turns to her for advice. Most of all, when Vi’s morals are put to the test in Without You, she stays true to who she is. She’s not perfect, but she does her best to be a woman she is proud of.

There are so many reasons you’ll love Vi, and so many reasons she’s my favorite character I’ve written. Be sure to find your own reasons by picking up a copy of the book. Also, enter my Vi’s Favorites Giveaway to get a basket of her favorite things and a copy of the book. Contest ends October 31st, 2016, so hurry and enter!

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