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I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Apryl Baker for being such a generous host. She does this for you, the reader, to get introduced to new authors, and for authors as a pay-it-forward. She puts so much time and effort into this event, and we truly appreciate it.

Now on to the books!

The Spirit:
The Body:
The Soul: (Will provide this once it is available)


Interviewer: Hello, hello, and thanks for joining us today! I have some very special guests with me, and they are rearing to get started. Please let me introduce Carrie and Reid. So, Carrie, I’ll start with you. Tell me something about yourself.
Carrie Reese: *laughs* Well, where should I start? This last year has been the craziest year of my life, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, to be honest. I’m not who I used to be, and I guess I’m getting used to the person I am now.
Reid: Great job being vague, Carrie.
Carrie: What? They don’t want to find out how it all ends from an interview, right?
Interviewer: How about you, Reid? What’s new with you?
Reid: I plead the fifth.
Carrie: Now who’s being vague?
Reid: You said they didn’t want to know anything, so how am I supposed to answer that?
Interviewer: The last time we saw the two of you there was some tension. That seems to have eased. Reid, did you and Lucas make amends too?
Reid: Lucas is my best friend. He’s fought for me, and I owe him my life.
Carrie: Back in Villisca, Reid proved himself. He’s the real deal. Incubus or not, we’re friends and after all we’ve been through, it means a lot to know he has my back.
Interviewer: The first two books have all taken place in Villisca, Iowa, but this last one takes us down south. Was that challenging to be in a new place?
Carrie: Yes and no. We got away from the Moore House, so that was good, but we ran into issues once we left. I guess no matter where we go, evil is on our trail.
Reid: We were in North Carolina, where Lucas and I grew up. The hardest part was being that close to my parents whom I haven’t seen in years and still stay away from them. Yeah, Megan’s potion kept the demon within at bay, but it didn’t help me know what to say to them. I’m still working on that part.
Interviewer: What surprised you most about this third book?
Carrie: Oh, man. Everything. I swear it almost felt like I was some kind of puppet on a string. Every time I thought I had something figured out, BAM! It changed.
Reid: What she said.
Interviewer: What didn’t surprise you?
Reid: Demons are still douchbags.
Carrie: Lucas. He’s still my rock.
Interviewer: Are there any new characters we’re introduced to?
Carrie: Adelia and Marax.
Reid: Marax. King of all douchbags.
Carrie: Adelia is kinda, oh, what’s the word?
Reid: Creepy.
Carrie: I was going to say mysterious.
Reid: I’m sticking with creepy, but don’t tell Megan I said that.
Carrie: I won’t have to. This interview is going to be published, Reid.
Reid: Can I change my answer? Adelia is awesome. Super helpful and not at all creepy. We wouldn’t have survived without her.
Carrie: Overboard, Reid.
Reid: She’ll edit it. *looks at interviewer* You’ll edit this, right?
Interviewer: A little bit, yes.
Reid: See? It’ll be cool.
Interviewer: Last question. Now that you know how the series ends, what do you think about the author of the books, d. Nichole King?
Carrie: We’ve never been formally introduced, but I’ve always felt like she was more of a narrator in our lives. She just observed and wrote what happened, so I can’t blame her for the bad stuff or the good stuff. I just hope she told the story accurately, because it was always meant to be told.
Reid: I blame her. We’re inside her head for God’s sake. She knew what would happen from the very beginning. At the very least she could have warned us.
Carrie: I think she did. I think that’s why Jessica was there.

The Soul (Spirit Trilogy #3) is available October 11, 2016!

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A soul is not meant to be severed from its spirit.

Neither is it meant to be ripped in two.

Half of Lucas’s soul is lost, and the rest he forfeited to save Carrie’s life. Now, the piece residing in her calls out for unity, and the cry is too much for her to bear. Her spirit suffers, and Lucas fears for her life.

The connection between the couple grows, but so does the evil pursuing them.

When Carrie falls into the clutches of a demon, she and Lucas realize Hell is invested in their search for his soul. Demons know Villisca is without a necromancer, and that Carrie sees the auras of supernaturals. So they offer Carrie a deal.

A prophecy is given. A choice is made.

Love is supposed to conquer all, but the closer Lucas and Carrie come to merging his soul, the more ephemeral their future together appears. When the price is finally revealed—

More than one life is at stake.


d. Nichole King was born with a book in her hand. During her school years, she’d hide books inside textbooks, read during recess, changing classes, and while walking home from school. She wrote her first book at the age of 11, and the re-worked version of that book is her debut novel, LOVE ALWAYS, KATE.

Her YA urban fantasy series, THE SPIRIT TRILOGY, along with her NA contemporary series, LOVE ALWAYS, were acquired by Limitless Publishing and includes a total of six books. BREAKING THROUGH, an NA science-fiction romance, is her first self-published novel.

d. Nichole King currently resides in a small town in Iowa with her supportive husband, four amazing kids, a dog, a cat, a fish, and a turtle.

Twitter: @dnicholeking
Pinterest: @dnicholek
Wattpad: @dnicholeking

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