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Oh, golly. Let me see… I live in Norfolk, UK with my wife, Julie.  I’m a self-professed writing nut, shark nut, wild about the natural world and motivated to empower young people.  I admit to being frightened of heights, bears, and hagfish; an odd combination I admit, but reality is often stranger than fiction.I have an unusual writing habit… Just in case you would like to know: I type one-handed on a computer, clutching a fossilized Megalodon (ancient shark) tooth in my left hand.

I have raised my two children on my own, been in shark cages, stroked big cats, jumped off a mountain, SCUBA dived the Red Sea and lived in other European countries.  If asked why, I smile and say, "I enjoy living life to the fullest."

I do not write about super heroes or people with special powers.  I would much rather take ordinary people and place them in extraordinary situations, and record how they react.

I have always written in one form or another, but in 2006, while living in Spain, I wrote my first novel, The Diary of an Innocent.  A couple of years later, I moved back to England and married Julie, and with her help and support, I continue writing.

If I could have one wish come true, it would be that my young adult books (The Dark Water series) will serve to empower young minds. The first in this series was just published by Foundations Books, LLC, book two has just gone through several rounds of edits, and I am writing book three.

Beyond Dark Waters, Book 1 in The Dark Waters series
From being cast out from the group to losing his way in the dark lake at night-time, Ben will never betray his friends. Even when he feels a vicious fang slowly piercing his flesh, he knows what he is doing is right. He will never submit to the bullies, racists or indeed anyone who tries to steer him from the path he is taking. Ben is growing up very quickly and soon he gains many followers. This leads to a multitude of challenges and to one of his friends giving his life for Ben. As an eleven-year-old, he manages to avert a war and bring pride to different communities.
For Ben, falling into the lake and entering into different species presented many challenges, but the rewards will stay with him forever.
Beyond Dark Waters plots a young man's rite of passage into adulthood, seen from the viewpoint of different species in and around a lake.

Above and Beyond Dark Waters, book 2has a young girl as the hero.

Jane, a twelve year old girl who loved to read about superheroes, is suddenly able to fly through the sky and rest on the rising thermals. However, Jane soon discovers that all creatures are affected by life's challenges, and she works hard to fit in and learn. After deciding she no longer wants to become a superhero, Jane is told that she is one already. Another tale charting the rocky road through the rite of passage into adulthood.

Somewhere Beyond Dark Waters is book three, and I am working on it currently

This book grows up the hero in the first book.  Instead of living life as a Quinling, his quests are now real.  He faces the trauma of his future being wiped away, arguing with his parents, the death of a loved one, and ultimately, his own death.  His lessons as a Quinling help him to put his life back on track, even when he can see no future.

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