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Mermaids Are Real… And They’re Going To Kill Us All. 

Hi everyone, my name is Derek Murphy (D.S. Murphy) and I write dark fantasy based on history and world mythology. My first book, Shearwater, is a mermaid romance set in Ireland, with a lot of magic, death and mayhem. Part one has 250 reviews and I’m working on part two now – here’s a sneak peak.

You can get the rest for free on Amazon and I hope to finish part 2 soon. The other book I think you’ll like is Scarlet Thread, based on Greek Mythology, it’s kind of a Percy Jackson meets Fallen story.
Below is a *possible* scene for the not-yet-released part two.

My name is Kaidance Monroe, and sometimes when I touch people, I see how they die.
At least that’s how this story began. But last night changed everything. A few days ago I saw Matt die. I saw the sword sticking out of his beastly chest, blood gurgling from his lips. The golden sword, glittering with blue jewels, glowing in the mystical darkness of Able’s ancient mansion… the crown that symbolized Zeus’s kingdom shining like a beacon. All of Zeus’s winged army had swords like that—hunters, created to rid the world of magic.
In the past, every time I had a vision of someone’s death, it came true.

But last night, when hunters broke through the ceiling like bolts of lightning, it was my death they were after. So I couldn’t let them kill Matt. I couldn’t let him die for me. I was supposed to use the shotgun and sword Sitri gave me, but I couldn’t do it. Not when I saw Puriel. His tall, angelic form. His amber eyes and nearly white hair. The shimmering mirrored wings behind him. I couldn’t destroy something that beautiful. And I didn’t want any more deaths. I just wanted it to stop. So I offered myself to him. Let them take what they came for. In that moment, I was prepared to die. 

Instead…Puriel burst into flames, and Matt lived. 

Which means, my visions don’t have to come true.

Which means, I might not be the monster everyone always thought I was.

But why did Puriel hesitate? Why not destroy me like Zeus ordered him to? He’d become a torch, cast off from Zeus’s favor. After serving obediently for thousands of years. How could that have happened? I was about to find out.

I snuck downstairs after everyone was sleeping and peeked through the rusted iron bars of the small window on the door where Puriel was being kept. I could barely see him in the dark. His pale, white body made him look like a ghost, surrounded by walls of solid concrete. Ash and soot stuck to his skin in dark patches, and he smelled like charcoal, singed hair and burnt feathers. I heard the grating noise of heavy chains being dragged across the stone floor and noticed that the dark cuffs around his neck and wrists were fixed to the wall. That’s when he noticed me.

I gasped when he looked up, his eyes were black sockets, gaping voids of desolation and heartbreak. The beautiful thing Puriel had been yesterday was gone, and this thing was ruin incarnate. His eyes sparked like glowing coals, as furious patches of bright orange burned in the darkness of the room. He moaned, straining against his restraints, his muscles tense as he reached towards the door. Towards me.

I choked back a sob at the thing he’d become.

Then I took the heavy skeleton key, turned the giant lock, and stepped inside.


You can get it for free on Amazon here. I just finished my PhD in Literature on Paradise Lost so fallen angels and forgotten gods are kind of my thing, but I like slow, mysterious stories with lots of tensions and build up.

On my site,, I do lots of giveaways with other authors. Right now we’re running a giveaway of 28 dark fantasy books for fans of Fallen, in celebration of the release of the Fallen movie.
Lauren Kate herself actually shared our giveaway on Facebook and Twitter, which was pretty awesome.

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  1. That possible scene for Scarlett thread part 2 made me so excited. If that scene was finished,it would have answered all of my questions about puriel. I just love his character so much. Plz hurry with the next part!