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Being Brave

Hello! My name is Kimberly Loth and I’m so thrilled to be here with you today. Apryl has been so wonderful in organizing all this. I write YA paranormal/Urban Fantasy as well as adult contemporary romance. Someone once asked me which I liked writing better. Contemporary romance is far easier to write, but YA fantasy is more fun J. I’ve been writing for eight years and publishing for three. I’ll be releasing my 10th book in a couple of weeks. I can’t quite believe I’ve hit that number.

Today I want to talk a little bit about bravery.

I’m a chicken. My heart races at the thought of heights, snakes, and the dark. I don’t like going outside at night and I think people who go on solo adventures in the mountains are crazy. Don’t even get me started on social functions.

You know how many parties I went to in high school? One. I called my dad halfway through that and asked him to pick me up. Why? I’m shy and socially awkward. The thought of having to talk to all those people and figure out what to say brings out all my anxieties.

Books changed me though. Looking back now, I see it. Small acts of bravery. I was the only girl who in my ninth grade class who would eat the raw meat for an object lesson. (Yeah, that was probably stupid.) I got tired of waiting for the boy who was flirting with me in senior home ec to ask me to the homecoming dance and I asked him myself. I still remember how fast my heart was racing when I asked him. I couldn’t quite believe he said yes.

I read book after book about girls who took control of their lives and did brave things in spite of their fear. Very slowly, I saw myself becoming brave. Now I do scary things all the time.

I went skydiving last year. I held my friend’s pet snake. I can turn the lights on in my bedroom now with my eyes open. I moved to Egypt and now China. I embrace adventure and work through my fear.

I still don’t go to parties very often though. I have my limits. I’d rather stay home and write a book about a girl who does something brave.  Who is your favorite Heroine?  How did she inspire you to be brave?

I have two series about brave girls. The first, Naomi from Kissed, is quieter sort of brave (more like me) and the second, Aspen from Obsidian, is definitely a kickass brave. I’m offering both of these books free if you sign up for my newsletter by clicking here:

Thanks so much for having me!

Kimberly Loth
Twitter: @kimberlyloth

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover of my new book, Skye. It’s the fourth book in my Dragon Kings series.

Apryl Baker

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