Introducing Author Delsheree Gladden

A 007-style handoff between a girl he knew in high school and the college’s star football player catches Sanford Camden’s eye. He almost wishes it hadn’t. Almost.

None of it was supposed to be real

Check out and excerpt from Life & Being, a paranormal new adult romance coming December 2016.


“Oh yeah? What do you know about me?” I challenged. 

Dahlia looked like she was about to respond, but her mouth snapped closed again just as a syrupy voice called, “Sammy! There you are, sweetie.” 

I cringed and wondered how on earth she had seen me. I was about to turn and tell her to leave me the hell alone, but I never got the chance. The next thing I knew, Dahlia’s hands were wrapped around my neck and my mouth was on hers. Not once in my plan to find out what she was up to did I ever consider kissing her. I figured she’d sooner punch me.

My hands were on Dahlia’s waist a split second later. She went all in, pressing against me and running a hand up into my hair as she continued to work her mouth against mine. My brain completely shut down at that point. I’d kissed my share of women, but this was in a whole other realm. Heat ripped through my body and I was panting for breaths between each kiss, my tongue dancing against hers as thought abandoned me. 

I felt unattached to my body as my hands squeezed Dahlia’s waist and lifted her to sit on the trunk of her car. It gave her enough height that I didn’t have to lean down as much to reach her, but it put us chest to chest as well. I knew she could feel every inch of me pressed against her torso and didn’t care in the least that it was plenty obvious how much she was affecting me. It seemed to egg her on, deepening her next kiss as she pulled against me. Part of my thought I must be imagining the whole encounter, but Dahlia wasn’t backing off.

In the distance I heard a huff followed by angry stomping, but the sounds I was focused on were Dahlia’s breathing and soft scratching of her fingers running through my hair. I was seconds away from dragging Dahlia into the backseat of her car when she abruptly shoved me away.

“She’s gone,” Dahlia announced everything she’d been feeling shut off like a switch had been flipped and she wriggled out from between me and the car and hopped to the asphalt. I was still reeling as she popped the trunk and started loading the first bag. She couldn’t have looked less affected by what just happened than if we’d spent the last few minutes watching a documentary on buffalo migration patterns, but seconds earlier she had been just as consumed as I had been. No way she was faking all of that, right? 

Trying more than just a little to shake off my stupor, I reached down to grab the bag at my feet and stepped off the curb to put it in the trunk. Dahlia grabbed it out of my hand halfway there and shoved it in after the other bag. She looked back up at me, her lips still swollen, but only to say, “You’re welcome.” 

Then she was around the car, in her seat, and speeding away before I even had a chance to process what had just happened.

Life & Being will release in December 2016

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Apryl Baker

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