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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mia Hoddell. I'm #1 Amazon bestselling author of the series: Seasons of Change, Chequered Flag, Ultimate Betrayal, and the standalone reads: Not Enough, Bet On Me, and False Finder.

Today I thought I'd do something a little different, rather than interview a couple of my characters like normal. Since I have a new release coming on December 5th, I thought I'd give you all an exclusive look at the first chapter of Stolen Breath.

Stolen Breath is the third book in my Chequered Flag series, which follow a group of British racing drivers as they compete for championships and hearts. Each book follows a different couple so they can all be read as standalones, but Stolen Breath is my favourite. I love my driver, Zeke.

I hope you enjoy my stop. And  make sure you read to the bottom as there are a number of limited time sales on. ;-)


Stolen Breath (Chequered Flag, #3)

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Sport/Contemporary

Release Date: December 5th 2016

Interconnected Standalone


My name is Zeke Lawson, but you probably know that already because everyone’s heard of me.

I’m the bad boy of Formula One.

The player.

The heartbreaker.

At least that’s what I allow people to believe.

The truth is too precious to be tarnished by reporters, and no matter what my fans think, they don’t deserve access to every detail of my life. It’s just a shame Nadine Hadley doesn’t see it that way.

She’s writing the feature every driver longs for on me—the one that can make your career. The only problem is she wants more than I’m willing to give her … and she’s playing dirty to get it.

Flirtatious smiles, skimpy dresses, sex: Nadine is using my reputation against me, and it’s working. No man could resist her, especially when she swears not to print my story.

So now I’m in too deep.
I want her more than anything, yet falling for a journalist may cost me the one thing I vowed to protect. Although, that seems insignificant when compared to another issue I face this racing season.

Did I forget to mention someone is trying to kill me?

Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. Each book in the Chequered Flag series can be read as a standalone and is complete with a HEA. 

Exclusive Excerpt Reveal

Copyright Mia Hoddell 2016. All rights reserved. Material is subject to change and should not be copied or used for quotation.


The platinum band hit the table with a chink and spun on its side. I slammed my hand down on top of it to silence the irritating noise.

Curling my fingers, I scraped them over the wood until the ring was once again balled tightly in my fist.

I hung my head.

When I screwed my eyes shut, I pushed the tears to the corners. The burning drops clung to my skin as long as possible before gravity took over. They left my face as I exhaled heavily, leaving no air in my lungs to support my deflating body.

It wasn’t fair.

The heated metal bit into my skin as I tightened my grip. Any stronger and I’d have pressed it into my palm completely, but I couldn’t relinquish my hold. I stared at the back of my hand. My finger didn’t even have a tan line from where the ring had rested … that was how long I’d been able to wear it. There was nothing left behind except for the small dent,
which faded quickly.

I should have been relieved because no permanent reminder meant no endless pain, right?

It meant I should be able to move on.

After all, I knew when she placed that ring on my finger it wouldn’t be there forever.

At least not for my forever.

I knew there’d come a time when I’d have to remove it.

It just came a lot f**king sooner than we expected.

Opening my eyes, I blinked against the daylight filtering in through the cracks in the blinds I’d failed to shut completely and glanced down at my hand. A small puddle had formed next to it and, unclenching my fist, I allowed my ring to fall from my grasp and into my tears. I stared down at it, my chest cracking open at everything it symbolised. There may have been no outward sign to remind me of her, but I could feel her in every beat of my heart. Each thump felt like a kick to the chest, winding me as I struggled to draw in a breath.

She should be here.

We didn’t have enough time.

There were thousands of things I wanted to do with her by my side and now they were all impossible.

She wouldn’t see me succeed in racing or be there to cheer me on.

I’d never see her smile, hear her laugh, or feel her lips again.

What gutted me most was waking up to an empty bed every morning. Her side remained cold and her scent still lingered. It had been a week and I still couldn’t find the strength to change the sheets, because each time I got a hint of her honey scent, my heart flared in memory. The smell of her perfume brought me a few seconds of happiness, where I could trick my mind into believing she was still with me. In that lazy slumber where I was half asleep, half awake, it was easy to forget.

Even if coming back into reality shattered me a little more and made my heart want to stop with hers because I had to lose her all over again, it was all I had. I relished those seconds every morning where I could believe, since her memory was the only reason I was able to pull myself out of bed. I knew she’d hate me for laying there all day, so I fought through
the pain for her, though today it was too much.

It should have been her birthday and instead it was her funeral.

She was supposed to have seen her birthday. I had everything planned out after all. Her eighteenth was meant to be special, not cruelly ripped from her.

We always knew it would be touch and go, but I had hoped.

God, I’d hoped with every fiber of my being she’d live.

I hadn’t allowed myself to consider the possibility of her not reaching her birthday, even if it was the stark reality. The signs had all been there in the run up, yet no matter how much I knew in my head what was happening, my heart refused to believe her time had run out.

Everyone had accepted it but me, so the end result blindsided me.

She was gone and I was alone.

I’m eighteen and I’m a f**king widower.


Stolen Breath is on sale for 0.99 for the duration of the pre-order only!

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About The Series

In preparation for the release of Stolen Breath, book 1 and 2 are on sale for a limited time too!

Chameleon Soul (Chequered Flag, #1)

​I have it all: my dream career as a Formula 1 driver, more money than I can spend, crowds who cheer my name "Teo Coates," and an endless supply of beautiful women to warm my bed as I travel the world.

I should be happy. I should love my life.

But none of it means anything without her.

One year ago, the love of my life broke off our two-year relationship via a phone call. No explanation, no apology, and no sign it was coming. She shattered me…ripped out my heart. And the worst part is that I couldn’t stay to fight for her without losing my career.

However, now the racing season’s over, I’m back, and I intend to reclaim my girl’s heart.

There’s just one problem.

The girl I left behind no longer exists. Plagued by fear, something has broken Raine Wilkins to the point where she’s struggling to cope with each day. It’s going to take all of my skill to gather the explanation I was denied a year ago and persuade her to reveal her secrets. But if there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s I never lose. I returned to the UK with one goal: win back the girl I love, and nothing and no one will get in my way.


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Twisted Mind (Chequered Flag, #2)

She’s toxic.

Everyone tells me to leave her—that she’s going to destroy me.

But things aren’t that simple.

Elora’s pregnant with my child and I endure her twisted games of manipulation and violence to protect my unborn baby. I never predicted she would do the unthinkable or that she was cruel enough to kill.

Yet she did, and now everything’s spiralling out of control.

The light-hearted jokester on the race track isn’t a part I can play anymore. The Dustin Coates everyone loved is no longer me. I’m merely a grief-stricken man who’s barely able to function.

At least until Tazia Nixon moves in next door.

She soothes my aching heart and helps me forget. With every second I’m around her, I can feel myself being revived.

However, beneath her eternal optimism is a distressing past, and the lies are starting to unravel around me. I should have protected my fragile heart from her when I had the chance because now it’s too late. Someone out there wants to destroy me, and the odds are stacking up against us. They know Tazia can break me beyond repair, and they aren’t afraid to use her.


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What reviewers are saying about Chequered Flag:

" I absolutely loved it! ... My emotions were all over the place when reading this book which to me means I've just read a freaking incredible book!" - Cass @ Bookaholics Reading Haven

"I wasn't prepared for the full emotional journey this book takes us on ... Hands down, this will be one of my favorite reads of the year." - Mignon Mykel

"The author’s ability to draw you into the story and keep you asking questions is what really shines in this novel. ... This is such a British book, and seemed wonderfully exotic to my American mind. I loved all the hints of life in London and the British racing circuit. Such fun!" - A.L. Van Meter

"This story is gut wrenching, and nearly brought me to my knees while in the process of reading it.... A fast paced, heart pounding, and well written flows effortlessly. ... I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Jennifer Pierson @ The Power of Three Readers

"This absolutely deserves it's 5 stars no doubt about that. I couldn't put it down." - Louise @ Rose and Violets Book Reviews

"This story is intriguing, compelling and emotionally heart-stopping." - Lauren @ Turning Another Page

"I love the depth of Mia's characters, how they grow, show us so much of their life, and we feel as if we are right there with them.. A solid 5 stars, which would be more, if possible!!" - Maari @ Maari Loves Her Indies

"I can't wait to read more from this author as she does an amazing job of tackling difficult subjects..." - Sassy Southern Book Blog

"The rawness and intricate emotions felt throughout made for an emotive read. I was so engrossed in their journey that I couldn’t help but feel the connection to them..." - Vickie @ WTMO

About the Author

#1 Amazon bestselling author Mia Hoddell lives in the UK with her family and two cats. She spends most of her time writing or reading, loves anything romantic, and has an overactive imagination that keeps her up until the early hours of the morning.

Mia has written over ten titles including her Seasons of Change series, the Chequered Flag series, the Elemental Killers series, and her standalone novels False Finder, Not Enough, and Bet On Me.

Her favourite genres are contemporary romance or romantic suspense, and with an ever growing list of ideas she is trying to keep up with the speed at which her imagination generates them. She also designs book covers on her website M Designs. 

You can follow Mia on:

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