Meet Author Quinn Loftis

Book 3, The Award Winning Elfin Series
By Quinn Loftis

“So I just might die a virgin after all. That’s what sucks about the end of the world, you just don’t plan for it and once it’s upon you it’s too late. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had time to actually write anything down, which sucks because more has happened in my life in the past three weeks than it has in all my seventeen, (soon to be eighteen) years. So I’m going to give you a quick recap, because my diary is totally a living breathing thing and really cares…not.

Basically we are on the run from Lorsan, the dark elf king, while also looking for the Book of the Elves, which he stole (butt head), while at the same time attempting to shut down the sale of Rapture, a liquid drug the dark elves devised to enslave the human race. If you ask me their goals are a little lofty, but then nobody asked me, and therein lies their problem. But our problems don’t end there. On top of trying to get Rapture out of the human realm and taking out Lorsan, we also have to rescue Cassie’s parents. Apparently there’s a dark elf who is delusional and believes Cassie is his Chosen reincarnated. So naturally he thought kidnapping her parents would win her heart. Loser. What happen to love notes and flowers? Anyways, now you’re caught up, roughly. The point is, life is about as jacked up as it can get at the moment. I would like to be able to give some Braveheart worthy speech and say that we totally got this, but honestly, I have no idea if we can pull this off.” ~ Elora

A sit down chat with Elora and Cush from the Elfin Series
Quinn: Today I have the pleasure of getting to speak with Elora, one of the leading ladies in the Elfin Series and her beau, Cush.
Thank you all for being here today.
Elora: Thank you for having us. It’s nice to take a break from the whole chasing the dark elf king, losing my mind and yada yada.
Quinn: Yes I can see how yada yada would get monotonous. Cush, how are you holding up?
Cush: Considering all that we are going through, I would say I’m holding it together.
Elora: *laughs* Yeah right, you’re wandering around with my brother, about to get yourselves eaten by some alligators. What exactly are you holding together?
Quinn: Obviously the stress of the situations you guys are having to endure is making everyone unusually testy.
Cush: *gives me an are you freaking kidding me look* You could say that the stress is definitely beginning to get to us.
Quinn: Elora how do you feel about what has happened to you in Surrender? Are you scared?
Elora: Honestly, I’m so confused that I don’t even know to be scared. I’ve just got so much stuff going on inside of me all the while crazy elf Tarron is carting me around and I’m not sure why but I want to be with him. *Cush tenses at this point and Elora places a hand on his leg* but at the same time I know that I’m forgetting something very important.
Cush: *mutters under his breath* Or someone.
Elora: *Turns to look at him and her eyes are shooting daggers* It’s not like I chose the situation. You can just pull the stick that has been crammed up your butt out and relax because you know it’s you I want. Get over yourself Cush, don’t make me remind you that your name means something that people put their butt on.
Cush: Remind me? You call me Cush, as in Cushion, Little Raven. How can you possibly need to remind me?
Quinn: Okay so before things get any tenser, let’s do a quick top five. To both of you, top 5 moments in your lives.
Elora: One *begins ticking them off on her fingers* the day I met Trik. Two, the time when Cassie was drunk off her butt and Trik came to rescue her from the party we were at, seriously that was awesome. Three, finding out I was half dark elf, I mean who wouldn’t think that was pretty cool? Four, talking to Cush for the first time. Five, hearing Cush admit he couldn’t live without me.
Cush: One, meeting Elora. Two, Kissing Elora, Three, holding Elora, Four, hearing her tell me she loved me for the first time, Five, tying Elora to a chair.
Quinn: *Laughs* That was freaking hilarious.
Elora: Glad you two can think back on the memory and chuckle.
Cush: It was for your own good Little Raven.
Elora: Uh-hu just like not wanting to take me as your Chosen was for my own good?
Quinn: And on that note we are going to say thank you and goodbye to our guests. 

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