Meet Author Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Hope for Her (Hope Series Book #1)
by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

What do you HOPE for?

Ten fun facts you will learn from reading Hope for Her:

1.     Be careful what you ask for. My main character Carrington wants to shine, but in Josh, she may have gotten more then she bargained for.
In my eighteen years of wishing and hoping to become someone's something, I never thought about what it would be like being someone's everything.

2.     Greek life may not be for you. You dress alike, look alike, chant alike. If you get into a fight, shoot up a rival fraternity house and get kicked out of one school, transfer schools. The fraternity has to take you in. Josh is a Phi Kappa Pi legacy. PKP!!!
"What are the guys saying?" I asked as I rubbed a hand across my forehead.
"The guys are happy you finally came to your senses." Jackson leaned against the wall and crossed his arms.
"You're a terrible liar, Jackson."
"It will take some time, but the guys will come around. It's not like you're the first brother who did something stupid."
"Yes, but I did something stupid as an FU student."
"As if being an FU student wasn't stupid enough," Jackson said and laughed.

3.     The true meaning of the word best friend. If you break it down, a best friend is the person who participates in the act of friendship, even if it's not reciprocated. Josh and Jackson have been best friends they were eight years old.
I collapsed into the nearest leather chair. "Hey, but, we're all brothers. No matter where I pledged, right?"
I stared at him, waiting for his answer.
"We are brothers," Jackson said and nodded. He stood up. I followed and relaxed, knowing he meant more than our fraternity connection. I missed my oldest friend.

4.     Drugs and alcohol make you feel so good. It's the high they talk about. If it didn't feel good, why would you do it in the first place? That's how Josh justified it.
She handed me her stuff, and I sat next to her and took a hit. Like any drug, the initial hit was always the best. I leaned back and let it spread over me unimpeded. My mind quieted for the first time since speaking to my dad. I loved this feeling.
I started to giggle, and Candy was giggling next to me. I turned and tried to focus on her, but she swayed all around me. My vision swam, and I pulled myself up trying to concentrate on one thing. She moved up next to me, but my vision blurred. I shook my head, squeezed my eyes shut, and when I opened them, I looked down and saw Candace kneeling between my legs.

5.     Drugs and alcohol make you feel so bad. After the good, comes the bad. Really bad!
What did I do?
I jumped up and stumbled in the direction of the bathroom. I threw up in the sink. The vomit contained only liquid, no food. The idea of food made me sick, and I threw up in the toilet this time.
I fell to the tile floor in the bathroom.
I slowed my breathing and attempted to stand up. My brain wasn't having it, and I concentrated on the connection of my cheek on the cold hard floor.

6.     Rich people get all the good stuff. Good house, good clothes, good seats at the football games, good drugs, good fraternity, good parties, good lawyers, good bribe worthy money, good talks with fraternity presidents who forgive you for you're past discretions and welcome you to you're new (good) life.
Phi Kappa Pi house, the proverbial and literal center of Greek life at FSU, sat in the middle of the block of fraternity row. Phi Kappa Pi, or PKP as we called it, recruited the wealthiest and most prestigious, but not necessarily the smartest, male students on campus.
As the oldest fraternity in the nation, we wore history and heritage like a badge of honor and relied on that badge to get ahead or get away with stuff, depending on how you looked at it.

7.     You don't get to pick who you love. Josh choose Carrington to love, but his father ... did not.
"I mean, sure, she's beautiful. She’s fucking hot. But if you brought her here to get to me, well, it worked. You have my attention."
"I didn't bring her here to do anything to you. She's my girlfriend."
"Come on, Josh. You can't be serious." He chuckled. "Sure, have some fun. Date her, fuck her, do what you want to her, but you don't introduce her at a family event."

8.     Sometimes things have to get bad before they get ok. Carrington in crisis needs saving.
I heard the commotion but kept my eyes shut. Fear paralyzed me and I held my breath waiting for it to end. Even behind my closed eyes, I saw Josh’s face hovering over mine. The pain on my face from Josh hitting me subsided or maybe the intense pain radiating from the inside out took over. A vise gripped my insides and twisted it.
Holy heck, it hurt.
I had a moment of relief when I no longer felt Josh’s weight on me. I rolled over on my left side and wrapped my arms around my stomach and the pain went away.
"Brandon, get him out of here," Jackson yelled, but he sounded a million miles away.
Relief washed over me as I opened my eyes and found Jackson kneeling next to me holding my hand.
9.     Super hot, sexy, smart, sweet guys who say the right things at the right times and try and make everything ok, do exist. Jackson Latre Mitchell is the book boyfriend of you're dreams.
"Okay, I didn't want to be your first boyfriend in college."
"Okay." I concentrated on what he said, but didn't get it. "What?"
"I wanted to be your last."
He blushed and turned away.
So adorable.

10.  Florida State University is the best university in the world. Go Noles!! Just my own personal plug for my alma mater.
Florida State
Florida State
Florida State
WHOOO!!!! (Hands raised with spirit fingers).

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