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Hello! I'm excited to be part of the 2015 YA/NA blogfest.

Introducing my YA novel: Dangerous Addiction


Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Hall is the girl in high school you’d ask for help with homework or to look at her notes if you missed a day. She is college bound. Her best friend calls her “Miss Goody Two-Shoes” because all she does is homework and read books.

Eighteen-year-old Joseph Cummings has broken every law he can and has no regrets. He has tattoo sleeves and gives a sinister glare to anyone who comes close. That is everyone except Cassandra.

Cassie finds Joey intriguing and sparks fly when she learns more about him. He keeps his past a secret, but she wants to know more. She keeps coming back to him as if he’s a breath of fresh air. Joey likes having a “good girl” around for a change. Despite the warnings of her friends and family, Cassie grows closer to Joey. If she’s not careful his criminal life will rub off on her, turning her into the clich√©: a good girl gone bad.

Meet the cast:


We begin in Brooklyn, New York. A place where Cassie grew up. She knows just about every street and secretly admires the graffiti art on the brick walls. Especially the one of a woman with rainbow hair.

Joey knows New York, but doesn't have a home address. He's been bounced from house to house and doesn't blend in. He stands out, especially with his ocean blue eyes and arms covered in tattoos.

Tell me more:

Beauty is all Cassie sees in the world. She never curses and always minds her manners. She's so good it annoys her best friend Mindy to the core sometimes. Her parents want her to attend NYU to be close to home and then branch out after her first two years. Her three "smart friends", as Mindy calls them, are all driven to get into the best colleges. You'd think they'd inspire Cassie...

Everything changes when Joey starts at Freeman High School. He's dangerous, taboo, and her parents disapprove of him.

Rumor has it Joey is a criminal. Worse, there's whispers he's in the Black Skull, a notorious gang that's infected the US from coast to coast.

Dangerous Addiction is a novel about romance and how something that feels so good may not be what it seems. 

This book currently isn't officially published. I'm still looking for an agent. You can read it here:

Dangerous Addiction is part of my Hooked series. If you love this novel then you can check out another novel from the series: Razor Blade Kisses, also on Wattpad.


With an overworked mother and an alcoholic for a father, seventeen-year-old Rachel Montgomery’s life no longer resembles her idyllic childhood. To escape the agony, Rachel cuts, letting her pain bleed away in scarlet drops. 

When tragedy hits, Rachel is unsure how she's going to make it through senior year. Then Derek, the handsome stranger she met at a party, offers to take her away from her problems. Tempted by the allure of a new life, Rachel runs away with him, only to discover her new friend is a Las Vegas drug lord. Rachel must decide whom to trust and find where she belongs, otherwise she'll fall into the underbelly of Vegas.

The Hooked series follows different girls and shows how one addiction can take over your life.

For Cassandra, it's a boy...
For Rachel, it's cutting...
For the other'll just have to wait for their stories

All lives intertwine and nothing is the same again.

I'm twenty-three, lived in Arizona all my life, and a recently graduated from ASU. I was a communication major and a film minor, but to be honest I loved my film classes 10x more than my comm ones.

I first wrote poetry after high school and then moved toward writing novels. Amy Lee of Evanescence kicked started my desire to write. Since then there's countless bands who drive me. To date I have eleven novels finished and countless more in my head.

I'm addicted to going to concerts and I have a book hoarding problem. I own four cats and a German Sheppard mix. When not writing I'm catching up on my favorite TV shows or reading a good book.

My dream is to turn my books, once published, into films. I also would like to turn my trilogy about a rock star into a TV show, already have the pilot written.

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  1. As a mother of a daughter who dates slugs, this is a bit disturbing to me.