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***Interview with Rachael Brownell, Author of the YA Romance series Holding On***

Me: Hello everyone! I’m here with the Rachael Brownell, author of the young adult romance series Holding On. Welcome!

Rachael: Thank you for having me.

Me: So, Holding On was your first novel, correct?

R: Yes. I actually wrote it when I was in high school.

Me: Can you tell the readers a little bit about how you came up with the idea for the Holding On series. 

R: If you ask my mother, it’s the story of my life. When I was in high school I moved to Arizona. I ended up moving back home to live with my dad but the experience left an impression on me. I made some amazing new friends, most of which I still talk to, and gained a new perspective on life. I wrote the original draft of Holding On after I moved home. It was an outlet for me at the time. I was still angry with my mother for moving us. 

Me: What does your mother think about the book, then?

R: I don’t think she’s read past the first few chapters honestly. I know for sure that she hasn’t read any of the other books in the series. My dad has read them all, though. He loved it, at least he said he did. My parents were portrayed differently in the book then they are in real life. I think that’s why it was hard for my mom to read.

Me: So, is it a little bit of the story of your life?

R: The foundation of the story I can relate to. The original version helped me to remember the emotions I felt, the type of reactions that teenagers would have to certain events. It was a blast to read the original script because I had one of those “Wow!” moment. I kept thinking… “Did I really act like that? Did I really say stuff like that?”  As for the actual storyline… no, none of that ever happened to me. The only similarities are my love for tennis, which I am no good at, and the fact that I had a male BFF. He was not a love interest, though. We were strictly friends, neither of us wanted more.

Me: For those that haven’t read Holding On, sum it up for us.

R: Okay. I like to say it’s a bit of a lopsided love triangle. Becca loves both Ethan and Brad, in different way. They both love Becca and are attempting to win her heart. Brad reminds Becca of home and she’s known him most of her life. Ethan is new and exciting. She has to choose one because she can’t have them both.

Me: Who does she choose?

R: I can’t tell you that. It’s a series, remember? Holding On is only the first book and both the guys have their own novellas.

Me: What else can you tell us?

R: Well, there is a great cast of supporting characters. Emma and Ella are Becca’s best friends from home. Their twins with polar opposite personalities. Natalie is Becca’s new BFF in Arizona. She throws a kink in Becca’s attraction to Ethan. Amy is Becca’s little sister who’s too smart for her own good. Claire is Brad’s ex-girlfriend who detests Becca because of her relationship with Brad.
Me: Does everyone make an appearance in the series of just in Holding On.

R: Most of the characters appear in other books. Unglued, book 2, in when you really get to know a few of the supporting characters like Ella and Natalie better.

Me: If you had to compare Holding On to another book that readers may have picked up, which book would you compare it to?

R: Wow! I was honored a few months ago when it showed up on a list of what to read if you liked “If I Stay” by Gayle Foreman. I about fell out of my office chair. 

Me: That’s a great compliment. If readers want to pick up their own copy of Holding On, where can they get it?

R: For signed paperbacks they can order them directly from me. For ebooks, Holding On is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and iBooks. It’s FREE on all sites. 

Me: Fantastic! I’ll post your links so we can all get our one-click on.

R: Thank you.

Me: Thanks for hanging out with me today and answering some questions. I wish you the best of luck with all that you do. Before you all run off, here’s a book trailer Rachael put together to give you all a sneak peek at Holding On.

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