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Reader: A kid from Chicago is trying to stop the Apocalypse? Angels and demons are real? Greek gods were really only supernatural beings bringing their war to earth? Whats happening here?

Writer: I know it can be a lot. To really understand this, well need to start from the beginning. Youll have to meet the main characters first before you can unravel the events surrounding their story.

Name: Alan Price
Age: 22
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Origin: Human
Occupation: Thief
Talents/Skills: Supernatural speed
Significant Other: Its complicated, but theres defiantly something there with Danielle and Seraphim
Hobbies: Reading and Exercise
Greatest flaw: Haunted past full of bullying and loneliness
Best quality: Never quitting
Habits: Protecting others even if it means doing harm to himself

Reader: Okay doesnt seem too bad besides that supernatural speed thingy, whats that all about?

Writer: Well we have to leave some incentive for you to read the books.

Reader: Ah, come on.

Writer: Lets just say Alan is special.

Reader: Thats not helpful at all.

Writer: I know. So next we have Danielle Turner.

Name: Danielle Turner
Age: 21
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Origin: Human
Occupation: Tech advisor and Nephilim (A human chosen by the angelic order to represent them on earth.)
Talents/Skills: Supernatural healing and naturally gifted when it comes to anything computer related.
Significant Other: If it was up to her, Alan Price but dont tell her I said that.
Hobbies: Taking apart anything gadgety
Greatest flaw: Shyness
Best quality: Loyalty
Habits: She adjusts her glasses when shes nervous, which happens a lot.

Reader: Oh so thats what Alan is. Hes a Nephilim like Danielle right?

Writer: He begins that way, but he ends up being so much more.

Reader: Okay so keep your secrets I just want to make sure I understand what a Nephilim is.

Writer: A Nephilim is a human chosen by either angels or demons. Theyre given supernatural abilities and represent either sides interests on earth. Think of them as the foot soldiers in a shadow war that has been going on since mankind began.

Name: Seraphim
Age: ?
Hometown: Heaven
Origin: Death Angel
Occupation: Leader of the Death Angels tasked with guarding the celestial blades
Talents/Skills: Flight, strength, speed and skill when it comes to any weapon she can get her hands on.
Significant Other: None, it would be Alan if she could only let herself.
Hobbies: Kicking a$$
Greatest flaw: A hardened heart
Best quality: Seraphims strength and talent as a leader

Reader: Oh great theres a love triangle isnt there? Why is there always a love triangle?

Writer: Its not what you think I promise but what would a story be without concept of love? Now Im jumping a head a bit but I want to introduce you to the three remaining Archangels. Michael has sided with the forces of the Light. Gabriel has fallen from his place of privilege and been corrupted by power. Raphael, well when we first meet Raphael hes a bit well youll see.

Name: Michael a.k.a. Zeus
Age: ?
Hometown: Heaven
Origin: Archangel
Occupation: Protecting heaven and earth from the forces of darkness.
Talents/Skills: Flight, speed, strength and the ability to control electricity.
Significant Other: On again/off again with Ardat. FYI shes a fallen angel/demon
Hobbies: Choosing and training Nephilim.
Greatest flaw: His love for Ardat.
Best quality: His ability to mentor those under his command.

Name: Gabriel a.k.a. Hades
Age: ?
Hometown: Heaven
Origin: Archangel
Occupation: Trying to bring about the Apocalypse, fulltime
Talents/Skills: Flight, speed, strength and the ability to manipulate fire
Significant Other: Himself
Hobbies: Torturing innocent and waging war on the forces of the Light.
Greatest flaw: Ego
Best quality: He has nice hair

Name: Raphael a.k.a. Poseidon
Age: ?
Hometown: Heaven
Origin: Archangel
Occupation: Vagrant
Talents/Skills: Before he gave them up; flight, speed, strength, ability to manipulate water
Significant Other: None
Hobbies: Wallowing in his own despair
Greatest flaw: Letting his past haunt him.
Best quality: His capacity to love.

Reader: Ahhhh My mind is exploding. Why is the Archangel Gabriel bad? Who is Michaels love interest? Why isnt Raphael wearing a shirt?

Writer: I know, I know its a lot. But youre not going to get all the information covered in three novels crammed into this post. Here how about I show you a trailer to help.



Reader: Okay that maybe helped a little bit.

Writer: Good, well its been great talking with you. Below is a little bit about me and what books Im working on so I can confuse you even more in the future.

Reader: Great.

About the Author:

Jonathan Yanez spent five years after graduating from college in sales and management before he realized life is too short to be doing anything but what you love. He lives in Southern California with his wife where he writes everyday, grateful for the opportunity.

You can connect with him on:

Other Books:

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The Decadia Code. I was privileged to write this book with the extraordinary 
Apryl Baker. It may or it may have dragons, information on the lost city of Atlantis and revolved around a world thriving with Steampunk pirates!

Thrive. Thrive is book one in a planned series and available now. Books two and three are set to be released in 2016. Think dystopian mystery meets the Lara Croft of the future and your almost there.

All the Beautiful People. Im putting finishing touched on the novel now but this survival/horror will be out soon. I dont have a release day yet but if you click the title you can read the first section on


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