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A Day in the Life of a Writer:
As many people know, being a writer is glamorous. The adoration. The non-stop flow of creativity. Being showered in money. Here is a brief outline of my day, just to give the little people a glimpse of what it’s like.

7:00am – Wake up. Deeply regret last night’s Netflix marathon. Sleep in another ten minutes until cat comes to sit on face. Good morning, Cat.

7:30am – Stumble into kitchen to assemble healthy breakfast.

7:31am – Healthy breakfast way too much work. Pop Tarts it is.

8:00am – Stand there, stare blankly at computer screen. Inner pep talk. I can do this. Repeat cute writing slogans to self like, “butt in chair, fingers on keyboard” and “no good writing, only rewriting”.

8:05am – May need second cup of tea. Or ten. Back to kitchen.

8:15am – Now staring at computer screen while sitting down in office chair. Butt in chair. Progress!

9:00am – Have written ten words. Nine of them suck. Cat comes in, knocks porcelain bear figurine off bookshelf. Bear shatters everywhere. Was gift from Grandmother. Very upsetting. No idea why it was so close to edge.

9:30am – Clean up bear shards and escort cat from study. Goodbye, Cat.

10:00am – Consider putting shattered bear figurine into book. Could be symbolism? 

10:15am – Right, I hate symbolism.

10:30am – Okay, writing time.

10:35am - Get distracted and start belting out Lady GaGa lyrics. Impromptu dance party in office chair. Neighbour is on porch staring. Screw her, I’m a rock star.

11:00am – Have written two hundred words. Time to check Facebook. 

11:02am – Ex boyfriend has had promotion. No doubt going to be excessively wealthy and good looking and happy for all eternity. Still have only written two hundred words.

11:15am – Wallow in self-pity.

11:30am – Midlife crisis. Writing career is clearly terrible mistake. Consider alternate career paths such as Poodle breeding business or lounge singer.  

12:00 – Chocolate break. Pet Cat and cry a little.

1:00pm – Break for lunch. Watch writer videos on Youtube. Writers are the best. Will never be anything else.

2:00pm – Back to writing. Agonize over comma.

2:30pm – Take out comma.

3:00pm – Put comma back in.

3:30pm – Second chocolate break. Have been working hard.

4:00pm – Start on edits. 

4:30pm – Quickly check twitter.

6:00pm – Crap. It’s dinner time already?

7:00pm – Only got five hundred words done today. Muse must have been on vacation. Oh well, what can you do?
Erin Latimer is a young adult fantasy writer who was born and raised in Victoria, BC and recently moved to Vancouver. She writes books, makes silly vlogs about writing and reads excessively.
Her book FROST is being released by Patchwork Press on August 25th, 2015. FROST is a YA fantasy based on Norse mythology, about a teen who accidentally freezes the first boy she kisses and discovers her family tree is weirder than she ever expected.

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