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The lowdown :

 Ava (The Chosen one).

 At the end of book one (The Broken Destiny) :

Ava and our book hero Troy set off on a rescue mission – to deliver her sister and her sister’s adoptive mother from the clutches of the insane villain Enoch. (Ava’s ex) But the mission goes horribly wrong when Ava succumbs to her anger and hatred, giving in to her dark abilities and blood-shifts into her Dark Queen self, she simply transports herself into the snare of Enoch’s trap – vanishing from Troy’s protective custody right before his very eyes.

This of course is the worst path Ava could have taken as The Chosen One – She’s kidnapped by the evil she fights and cloned without any body’s knowledge.

– In Evanescent Ava is replaced by her clone Eva -  the purpose behind this plan of Enoch’s is to use the clone to replace Ava where she can spy on his enemies, find their weaknesses and Kill Troy. 
Eva: (clone - Evanescent) Are you just going to stare at me the entire night or … what?

Ava: (Prime – The Broken Destiny) You do realize your entire brief existence is a lie?

Eva: Thank you for that captain obvious, just say what you want to say to me. You hate me.

Ava: I hate you.

Eva: I pity you.

Ava: Excuse me? That’s so funny because you the one that should be pitied. Your life is a lie.

Eva: Om my fu&$k, seriously. I got further with your boyfriend than you ever did. And what pisses you off the most is that despite the fact that I am the bad girl in this tale -  You wish you could be more like me. But that is not the worst of it, as much as everyone should hate me for tricking them in believing I was you – Everyone prefers me over your boring self.

Ava: LOL. Thank you for doing the leg work for me.

Eva: You don’t fool me, for crying out loud Ava I have all your morbid memories. No one knows you better than I -  That is why you hate me so much, because when I say you are pathetic and weak – it is the absolute truth, and you know it. I am stronger than you in every way.

Ava: What makes me better than you is the fact that my intentions are pure. No one likes a cheat.

Eva: Should I remind you that my character has inspired a spin off series. Readers and even our creator finds me more interesting than you. I am the star of the very popular ebook Absolution. Face it, humanity is obsessed with tragedy, and they want to see/ experience a situation where a character takes up the bad choices, indulges in wrong. Because secretively everyone wants to know what it’s like on the dark side.

Eva: Remind me what the purpose of this interview is?

Ava: Oh wow, you don’t get it do you? The only purpose fictional characters serve is for pure entertainment.

Eva: Well that’s just messed up isn’t it. I feel so used.

Ava: Welcome.

Eva: So lets get this straight. Because you messed up I am blamed for your mistakes.

Ava:  You just love that don’t you?

Eva: You know I never asked for this.

Ava: I didn’t either.

Eva: Should we punish them?

Ava: Why would you want to, none of us wanted this.

Eva: Destiny sucks.

Ava: I still hate you.

Eva: Your anger is misdirected. Who you are really angry at is your lover Troy. I mean honestly how could he not know that I was not you.

Ava: And I hate the fact that I can even consider that as a possibility.

Eva: You know what sucks?

Ava: That the bad guy , is actually the one to blame for all of this.

Eva: Should we kill him?

Ava: I did that once remember?

Eva: So we are screwed.

Ava: Pretty much.

Eva: Truce?

Ava: No truce.

Eva: This interview is over.

Ava: finally!

Eva: So let’s just tell them about the book…

Ava: How about the author tell us about the book, view the recent television interview

Fun things: Evanescent book page has the playlist and buy links…

Eva: I just have to say that I look totally hot on the cover..

Ava: As I was saying the buy links:

Eva: I’m done.

Ava: Your breath stinks.

Eva: Your powers suck.

Eva: You are less sexy.

Eva: Your existence is a lie.

Ava: I’m cooler than you.

Eva: I’m walking away

Ava: Bye!!!

Eva stomps off weapons swinging.

Ava: I thought that bitch would never leave.

Here is more about the author: Carlyle is a South African award wining author, with a flair for mixing genres and adding loads of drama to every story she creates. For now she is happy to take over the world and convert non Sci-fi believers.

Her goal as an author is to touch people's lives, and help others love their differences and one another by delivering strong messages of faith, love and hope within every outrageous world she writes about.

"I love to swim, fight for the trees, and am a food lover who is driven by my passion for life. I dream that one day my stories will change the lives of countless teenagers and have them obsess over the world literacy can offer them instead of worrying about fitting in. Never sacrifice who you are, its in the dark times that the light comes to life."

Carlyle used writing as a healing tool and that is why she started her very own writers support event - SAIR bookfestival.
 "To be a helping hand for those who strive to become full times writers, editors, bloggers, readers and cover artists - its a crazy world out there you dont have to go it alone!"
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Founder of SAIR Book Festival
Co Founder of Fire Quill Publishing.
Founder of Help build a library in South Africa. 

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