Meet Author Janet Taylor-Perry

First off—thanks, Apryl, for such an awesome event. You rock! This time I'm ecstatic and heartbroken at the same time to be included.
Second—I feel blessed to be in the company of so many great writers. You always find the cream of the crop!

Interviewer: You're heartbroken? I'm devastated. I can't believe the ride is over for The Raiford Chronicles in Whatever It Takes.

Janet: You'll just have to use your imagination, but let's let the characters speak for themselves.

Interviewer: All right. Guys and gals, I can feel the tension in the air. It's giving me goose bumps. Ray, how long has it been since we've chatted?

Ray:  Quite a few years. My daughter—He glowers at Cherie—had just been born.

Interviewer: I'm not a family therapist, but what seems to be the problem? Cherie appears to be a strong, confident young woman.

Ray:  Confident? Stubborn, willful, pigheaded, with little regard about how her actions affect her aging father. He runs a hand across his hair. I've resorted to using Grecian Formula to hide my gray.

Cherie:  Oh, please, Daddy. You use that because you found out Uncle Raif does and you don't want to look older than your twin.

Ray:  But you gave me the gray to cover! He points at Scott and stammers incoherently.

Interviewer:  Looks back and forth between the two men. Is there something wrong with Scott? He looks mighty fine to me—clean cut, well-dressed.

Cherie glares at the interviewer.

Ray:  He does now, but you should have seen him when they first met—when he was pretending to be something he's not. AND! He's eight years older than she is!

Robby Benson as Older Ray           Rose Leslie as Cherie           Jared Padalecki as Scott

Cherie:  Get over it! Good grief! Uncle Raif is twenty years older than Aunt Neely.

Interviewer:  Scott, don't you want to say something in your own defense?

Scott:  Cherie's doing fine. But, Mr. Reynolds, I love your daughter.

Ray: She's too young for you, and you're a liar.

Interviewer:  Whoa! Do I need to restrain you, Ray?

Ray: You just don't get it. None of you do.

Interviewer:  I think I do. You're having a hard time letting go of your baby.

Ray:  (Nodding) True, but Scott!

Cherie:  Is so much like you that it scares you to death.

Scott: I'm not a liar. I had to do whatever it takes to catch the bad guys, just like you've always done, Mr. Reynolds.

Ray: Firecracker, are we really that similar?

Cherie:  Yes, Daddy. You both even call me Firecracker.

Interviewer: Well, it seems we might be settling the Hatfield and McCoy feud here.

Ray:  I just want my daughter to be happy.

Cherie:  I'm happy with Scott.

Scott: I love Cherie with all my heart.

Ray: Time will tell. Once you've endured the things Cherie's mother and I have and can still say that, then I'll know for sure. I just hope that if the two of you ever get married and have a child, you have a little girl that will drive you insane, just the way Cherie does me.

Interviewer: What will it take for me to get more information about the last installment of The Raiford Chronicles?

Ray: A good night of reading.

Cherie and Scott:  That is something we agree on.

Interviewer:  Well where can I get it? It was just released five days ago.

Scott:  It's available on Amazon in both paperback and for Kindle.

Ray:  And if you haven't already, read Lucky Thirteen, Heartless, and Broken also available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. You can decide if Scott and I are alike.

Interviewer: Before I dismiss you, I think we have to speak to one more person—your creator, who just came into the room just like she always does. She's rather sneaky and really hates to give much detail about her books. Janet Taylor-Perry, is this really the end?

Janet:  I'm afraid so. But I promise to have something new and exciting for my readers.

Interviewer:  What's next?

Janet:  My readers have to help me decide. So, please get your copy of Whatever It Takes and send me your vote. Once you've finished the story, read the last couple of pages and vote.

Interviewer:  Interesting concept. Remind us again how to get your books.

Janet: All are available on Amazon in both paperback and for Kindle.

Whatever It Takes
The Raiford Chronicles #4
Final Installment

Detective Raiford Reynolds has always done whatever it takes to crack a case, but when the case involves hurting his family, and he is not the one even investigating, he changes his tune quickly. Suddenly, whatever it takes includes putting the life and well-being of his family and friends in danger, especially his headstrong youngest child, Cherie.
Ray must come to terms with the fact that he is growing older and many things are changing. He must learn that whatever it takes means letting go and not being the one in control of a situation.

Interviewer: Janet, how can folks find out more about you and your work?

Janet: I can be contacted at my author page on Amazon,, my Facebook page,, email, or, on Twitter, Janet Taylor-Perry @mom5kidz421, and at my blog, But I'll tell you wee bit about myself:

 I'm originally from Laurel, Mississippi, and have a Bachelor of Science in Social and Rehabilitative services from University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Belhaven University. I've been a teacher for grades three to twelve in English, social studies, and gifted.

I've entered lots of competitions and have had a number of things place well at the Faulkner Wisdom Competition. Lucky Thirteen was a semi-finalist and Broken was a finalist.

I am the proud mother of five, an avid reader, and a freelance editor. I love anything historical from antique cars, just like Ray and Scott do, to old cemeteries. Historical fiction is one of my favorites, and my favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charlaine Harris. My favorite books of all time are The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas, Walden by Henry David Thoreau, and Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. I write across genres, but everything I pen has some amount of romance included, even when I try not to write it. It just seems to creep in of its own volition. Romance is sneaky that way. And my faith crops up every time, something I am proud to say.

Interviewer: Well, your latest release is Whatever It Takes.

And its three predecessors are…

Apryl Baker


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  2. I like being able to visualize the faces of the characters and they look just how I imagined them. Thanks for that, Janet.
    My very own copy of Whatever it Takes is winging it's way down under right now. Fly faster plane!