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An Open Letter from Cresta Karr

Hey Guys,

If I could give you one piece of advice (which I guess I can since I’m, you know, giving it to you) it would that you absolutely shouldn’t be the type of girl who ‘things happen to’.

I was that type of girl, and look where it got me.

First my dad died while I was in the car with him, which sucked just as much as it sounds like it would. Then, as if things weren’t crappy enough, Mom moved us to a town in Georgia that’s so small and insignificant that it doesn’t even have a Starbucks (the horror!).

I can’t get down on it completely though. That’s where I met my best friend Casper.


It’s also where I met Owen, this delicious little slice of everything

I’ll give you a minute to take all that in. It can be a lot, I know.
But things weren’t all fun and games in ‘the bowels of nowhere’.
Other things happened too, weird things. 

And these weird things culminated in a bunch of burly dudes blowing my house up and sending me on an epically epic road trip to a weird school in Florida. 

I could give you the play by play and really dig into the complete and utter mess that my life turned into after that. But who am I kidding? This is the ADHD generation. I’ll do well not to lose my train of thought while giving you the Cliff Notes. 

You ever heard of Breakers? 

Me either. 

Turns out that they’re basically this super evolved cult of people who use their super evolved powers to stop the earth from dipping down into the apocalypse.  They’re really weird and sort of backward and very, very private.

It also turns out I’m one of them. 

But not just any one of them. No, no. A girl like me sees the ‘dangerous freak’ sign on the road and blows right past it.
I, as it happens, am the Bloodmoon- the long feared Breaker prophesized to bring about the end of the world. That’s right, little ole me is a big bad world smasher.

Me, apparently

And Mrs. Conyers said I would never amount to anything.
Also, and keep the whole ‘things happen to me’ idea in mind when I tell you this, Owen is one too. Remember Owen? Piercing blue eyes, sculpted as hell shoulders, my heart in a box in his pocket. He’s a Breaker, and not just any Breaker. He was sent to spy on me, to make sure I didn’t do that pesky ‘ending the world’ thing everybody’s so afraid of. 

So the guy I like- the guy I love actually- he’s a liar. But he’s more than that. He’s also the Dragon. And what is the Dragon? Only the Breaker prophesized to TOTALLY KILL the Bloodmoon.

Owen, looking much less friendly.

Can I pick ‘em or what?

Okay, so he’s not actually a dragon. It’s more of a metaphor. But it’s a sucky metaphor regardless.

But here’s the thing- and I know this is stupid. You DON’T have to tell me it’s stupid. Even though he lied to me, and even though he’s technically supposed to kill me at some point in the future, I think he sort of loves me. 

…see what I mean about ‘things happening’?

Well that’s me. If you wanna know more, I guess you can find out here Amazon

You know, assuming I haven’t destroyed the world by the time you read this.

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