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Hello, I’m very excited and honored to be able to join the 2015 YA/NA Blogfest hosted by Apryl Baker. Without further ado, I give you my upcoming YA romance Pigeons & Planes.


The Story:

Welcome to Hacienda Heights, where gangs are prevalent and safety is scarce. You are either a Soh Dragon or a member of Los Soldados. And there’s one major rule: know your side, and stick to it. For there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed, but once they have there’s no going back…
For Nash Soh and Nina Ortiz there are two sides to gang life. One wants in and the other wants out.

Nash Soh is the son of the notorious leader of the Soh Dragons, and with his ruthless older brother inheriting the family empire upon his father’s prison sentence, Nash only has one goal in mind: to become a Soh Dragon and to be the best Soh Dragon at any cost. Being one of the youngest affiliated to the set, Nash has a lot to prove, and it doesn’t make it any better when the other Dragons tease him for his flashy attire and the way he carries himself, dubbing him a “pretty boy.” One thing about Nash, he may be pretty, but when you piss him off, you’ll see just how cold-blooded he can be. Dragons are strong, cruel and built to reign, and for Nash that’s all he intends to do, with nobody getting in his way.

Nina Ortiz has had her share of grief due to being affiliated with Los Soldados. The gang world has destroyed her family and left her to pick up the pieces along with her older brother and ailing grandmother. They’re all she has left, and all that she’ll do whatever it takes to fight for and keep afloat. All Nina wants is to live in a world where there are no Soldiers or Dragons, just people, and she definitely doesn’t aspire to date someone attached to a gang. Ever.

Being from rival gangs, both Nash and Nina are mortal enemies. But all it takes is one night to change everything.

After one rescue these two are constantly bumping into each other and unable to shake the mutual feelings bubbling up. Suddenly there’s a spark, a look, a touch—passion ignited into full fledge flames, and there’s no turning down the heat between these two. Nash and Nina soon find themselves ensconced in a fiery secret romance. However, secrets do not stay hidden for long. Before long rumors begin to swirl, and with tension rising between their respective gangs danger is not too far around the corner. Loyalty is questioned and choices must be made. The rivalry is at an all-time high, escalating to an impending blood bath where there’s sure to be no survivors, leaving the two to question if love really conquers all.

Pigeons & Planes is a completed edgy multicultural YA romance set between a forbidden love that could cost two teens and their families everything.

The Soundtrack:

The Writer:

My name’s Whitney and I’ve been writing and posting my work on Wattpad as ‘wheadee’ since 2011. I got the inspiration to write Pigeons & Planes after hearing the song “Gang Related” by the rapper Logic. As soon as I heard the song I instantly knew I had to write a story with a gang influence. The story couldn’t be about gangs without a tragic undertone, so it’s definitely has influence from Romeo & Juliet to West Side Story and mostly the tragedy of Salim & Anarkali.
Readers who admire the talents of Simone Elkeles and Allison van Diepen will enjoy this project.  If you’re interested in learning more about Nash and Nina don’t be afraid to stop by and take a look! It can be found here at:

I’m from Akron, Ohio, and when I’m not writing, I can be found obsessing over horror movies, reading lots of contemporary YA romances, and cheering on my fellow Wattpad writers!
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  1. This book was AMAZING! The characters felt so real and they were so well developed that I felt like they were actual people the whole time. People I was scared for, rooted for, and felt for. Nash and Nina were sweethearts, especially Nash who I fell in love with from the very beginning. Their relationship was a wonderful dose of sweet compassion and hot passion! I loved it and I would definitely re-read this book, which speaks volumes since I hate re-doing things. It was one of the best books I've ever read, and Whitney is an extraordinary writer. She has a gift for storytelling and intriguing the reader while keeping them engaged. The symbolism was off the charts in this book. It really makes you see things in a different way, and it adds even more richness to the overall plot. My emotions went on a roller coaster just like the characters. Everything felt so REAL, and it was all worth it. This book is worth it. I challenge you now. Read this wonderful book. You'll NEVER regret it. #Nana forever. :D

    - October

  2. You talk about Nina Ortiz, is that really the girl from the picture?? I have a friend from facebook using those photos... But i am pretty sure she is real! From México... Am i wrong?