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Amelia:  *Waves* My name is Amelia and I will be doing the interviews for tonight.

Amethyst: This is going to take forever... *sigh*

Ryder: Can you ever be civil?

Amelia: You two, please stop it. Who knows how many people will be reading this. *Shakes head disappointedly*

Ryder: My apologies, Mia.

Amethyst: Sorry..

Amelia: *Pulls out Ipad* Now, these are some of the approved questions by Lacy.

Amethyst: Approved? Sounds dull.

Ryder: I'll have to agree with, Violet

Amelia: Right, well get over it. Amethyst tell us about yourself?

Amethyst: You already know everything about me.. We're best friends.

Amelia: The readers don't, so go on then.

Amethyst: let's see... I'm seventeen, I grew up in Georgia but I recently moved to London with my coven to hunt werewolves. *Glares at Ryder*

Ryder: *Snorts*

Amelia: Ryder do you care to add anything?

Ryder: A hunter? Have you seen her walk? She trips over air. *Chuckles*

Amethyst: Wow, very mature...

Amelia: You two are going to embarrass our author! *Sigh*

Ryder: Just continue, Mia.

Amelia: Ryder, tell us about you?

Ryder: Well, I'm twenty-two, I'm a purebred werewolf, basically it's very rare stuff.

Amelia: Can you tell us about the book Lacy is writing about you two?

Ryder: Well we can't give it all away obviously, but I can tell you that our author wanted a lot of depth to it. There's some pretty gruesome moments, lord she's put us through some horrific things.

Amethyst: *Nods* Yes! She's a little twisted.

Ryder: Amethyst and I have a hard time figuring out who's been killing humans, we also have a hell of a time trying to figure each other out.

Amelia: Tell me about your relationship?

Amethyst/Ryder: None existent. *exchange looks*

Amelia: I don't know about that.

Ryder: No, really she's horrific to be around for more than a few minutes.

Amethyst: Like wise, snowball.

Ryder: She was courting my brother, Luk

Amethyst: I wasn't 'courting' him, but he's very adorable. Here I'll show you *Scrolls through smart phone*

Amelia: He's cute.

Ryder: *Rolls eyes* shouldn't we get back to the interview?

Amelia: So there's nothing going on between you two?

Ryder: Well, you'll just have to read the book to find out.

Amelia: Now, from what Lacy told me about the ending of book one-

Ryder: Book one? You mean she continues to torture us?

Amethyst: Dear sweet baby Jesus, I have to stick around this guy more? *Covers face*

Ryder: You're not exactly a party with legs, Violet!

Amelia: That is enough you two! Yes, there's going to be three books in total.

Ryder: That's bloody fantastic.

Amelia: If you could be any animal, Supernatural or not- which would you be?

Ryder: I would stick with Werewolf.

Amethyst: Ooh! A Liger!!!

Ryder: Of course you'd pick a cat... *Shakes head*

Amelia: What's a Liger?

Amethyst: *Smiles* I'll show you!

Amelia: That's interesting... Anyway.

Amelia: Can you tell me about Ortus?

Amethyst: It's a rebellion, I mean their name literally means the rising so it's obvious what they're after. Ryder's silly invisible crown.

Ryder: I do not have a silly invisible crown!

Ryder: She's right though, it's a group of horrible people who's been torturing humans for sport and to scare my father and I away. Coming from the first line of werewolves and being purebred has given us a lot of power. Since purebred wolves don't change every full moon, we're considered royalty amongst the packs.

Amelia: *Stares* You are so handsome when you speak...

Amethyst: *Cough*

Ryder: Thank you?...

Amelia: Right, so! Can you give us something juicy?

Ryder: I got nothing, what about you?

Amethyst: Ummmm... We really were given some strict instructions on what we can't say.. AHHHH Fudge it! * laughs*

Ryder: Oh no..

Amethyst: Of course we do find out who's behind Ortus, it's shocking, I know no one will see it coming. Lacy basically left little hints through the book, but I don't think anyone will actually figure it out before the ending.

Ryder: Amethyst I think that's enough.

Amethyst: But they want more! *Looks around wildly* I must give the people what they want!!!

Ryder: Amelia... Do something..

Amelia: Well it looks like our time is up here, thank you!!!

Amethyst: Wait, shouldn't we tell the people who you are?

Amelia: I'm your best friend, they'll find the rest out if they read Lacy's amazing work.

Ryder: Nicely put, Mia.

Amethyst: *Waves* BUH-BYE!

Ryder: Good day to you all.

Amelia: Now, a few words from our author. L.V. Kingston.

Tell us about yourself?

I am Lacy Victora Kingston. I grew up in the country, born and mostly raised in Texas.
I am that girl who lives in her imagination, I mean it's just a better place to be sometimes.
I am a lover of all things magical and supernatural, because there's nothing more fun then getting lost in a whole new world each time you flip a page.
I am also obsessed with Nutella as of just recently, it has become a kind of guilty pleasure of mine since I don't eat sweets often.

How did you decide to be a writer?

That's a tough one. There wasn't just a singular reason, there's so many people and reasons why.

J.K Rowling is amazing, Harry Potter was the first book I ever read, after teaching myself how to read and write. It was the first book to take me to a whole different world and from that moment on I lived in different worlds- I read everything I could get my hands on.

I wanted to be able to take someone to a different place, I wanted to inspire people the way books have inspired me. Honestly, I can only hope that my work does this one day, it would be an honor to do that for someone.

How did you come up with The Alpha and the witch?

I wrote this story selfishly if you want to know the truth. This was the kind of story I wanted to read, since no one was writing one like it, I decided I would do it myself.

I wanted something that made people rethink romance, love at first sight was never apart of my fantasy. Don't get me wrong, I adore those stories! Personally though, I was always that girl who wanted to fall in love with the hot guy she hated, to have a constant battle of disagreements on what movies are better and yet still be so utterly in love with that person.

Everyone loves a fairytale romance, but everyone needs a realistic love story as well.

So tell us about 'The Alpha and the Witch', what do you feel readers can take from this?

Personally, I am obsessed with werewolves, everything about them and every form they've been written in. I knew I always wanted to write a story about a werewolf and I never found a story about werewolves like this. This story had been floating around in my head for years and just in the last year did it finally surface and the characters came to life.
I wanted to dust off some folklore, bring back some names that people may have forgotten. I really did my research for this.

Amethyst A.K.A Amzy, is the female lead that I want girls to relate to. She's clumsy, outspoken and makes mistakes out the wazoo! She isn't brave in the beginning, but with a little help from Ryder and a clan full of angry vampires she manages to find a whole lot of courage and confidence. She is the ugly duckling of witches you could say, considering that she's struggling to gain control of her magic

Ryder? Oh gosh, where do I begin with him?
He is the heir to a purebred throne of werewolves, which he isn't really ready to take over. He's always trying to do the right thing, lacks a little leadership, confidence and doesn't want to disappoint anyone. He's been my favorite character to help evolve. Not to give too much away, but there's a point when he has to make a big decision between the right thing and the right thing for him. His morality is really tested and I think it would be a just very humbling moment for any alpha.

Ryder doesn't cross his dad very often and Amethyst doesn't go against what her coven wants or expects of her at all, but in any good story the characters have to be shaken up for them to grow. Change is mandatory in fiction and life.

Is there anything you want to add to the nice people on Apryl's blog?

Yes, thank you all for reading this. I do hope you read my story on Wattpad, enjoy it and even give some feedback. 
Also a big thanks to Apryl for letting me join this event, I am truly obsessed with the Ghost Files.

Apryl Baker

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