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Hello all! I'm so excited to be here! I'm Gail Wagner, author of Let Her Sleep, Army of Sorrow, and Sea of Despair.

Today I've decided to give you a closer look at the main characters of Donegal Sidhe (yes that is pronounced "she" Gaelic is a crazy language!). I'm finishing up the third and final book, Isle of Darkness, this fall and hope to have it out before the end of the year...barring any crazy circumstances!

Army of Sorrow is the first in the series, followed by Sea of Despair. The series follows a group of three unlikely friends: Brea O'Brien, a leprechaun; Trevor Bradigan, a druid in training; and Caith Hennesy, a human with strange gifts. When they learn there is a plot to release a demon with a major grudge they must learn to work together, but most importantly, they have to learn to trust themselves. 

Without further ado let me introduce my characters!

Name: Brea O’Brien

Residence: Small borough outside of Donegal, Ireland

Date & Place of Birth: Ireland, March 17, (507 years old)

Physical Description: 4’10” (human glamour), 10" (natural size), petite, long straight copper hair, green eyes, pixie face

Ethnic Origin: Leprechaun (trian: third child in the family)

Parents' Names & Occupations: Maeve and Liam O’Brien (mechanical and weather ability)

Other Family Members: Una Murdaugh and Orin O’Brien (healing and communication ability) 

Friends: Orla (sprite), Caith Hennesy (vet assistant of unknown origin)

Brea's family has a high social status due to her father's actions in St. Patrick's Battle. She herself, though, is looked down on by leprechaun society. She feels much more at home with other races, particularly humans and spends a lot of her time in her human glamour. She has a love for modern conveniences such as running water and junk food.

She is well educated, despite her lack of magic as she has to do everything the hard way. One of her favorite escapes is to read novels.

Name: Trevor Bradigan

Residence: Norfolk, England

Date & Place of Birth: November 15, Donegal, Ireland (21 years old)

Height/Weight/Physical Description: 5’ 11”, lean but fit, black curly hair, bright blue eyes

Ethnic Origin: Druid (English and Irish)

Parents' Names & Occupations: Elizabeth (socialite) and Peter Bradigan (deceased)

Other Family Members: Mr. Bradigan (paternal granddad), Mr. Foster (maternal grandfather)

Trevor is well educated, with a degree from Cambridge, and all too aware of what is expected of him. He escapes as often as he can to visit his Graddad in Ireland who is last link to the father he lost as a toddler. His eventual friendship with Brea changes his life as he is swept into a part of his family history he never knew existed. His druid ancestry gives him the skills he needs to survive in this new world she has introduced him to.

His trip to Ireland was supposed to be short and his English family is irritated at his extended stay, as he is unable to give a satisfactory excuse for it. He knows he will be forced to chose a fiance once he gets back and he is in no hurry to do so.

Name: Caith Hennesy

Residence: Donegal, Ireland

Date & Place of Birth: Unknown, May 1, (18 years old)

Physical Description: 6’4”, med blonde hair, dark brown eyes

Ethnic Origin: thought to be human, but now unknown

Parents' Names & Occupations: adopted parents, Amanda and James Hennesy, run a small bed and breakfast in town

Other Family Members: none

Friends: Brea O'Brien, Orla

Caith lived a normal, slightly dull, life in Donegal until the day he meets Brea. He soon learns he is not who he thought he was. He loves the outdoors and anything musical. He also works in veterinary clinic.

His one ambition is to find out who or at least what his birth parents were. 

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  1. Brea, Trevor, and Caith are three very different characters who have to work together to stop a demon. Heck yeah! My kind of book!