Meet Author Clara Stone


I had always intended to write only one story in the Lovelly series. It was about Heath and Ace, two best friends that found each other through loss and friendship. But by the time I was done with their book—Forever Kinda Love—the other Lovelly brothers demanded their story be heard. That was how I came about writing a story for Hudson Lovelly—Flirting with Love— and currently plotting Harrington Lovelly’s story—Title TBA, Release November 2016.

Since not a lot of you are aware of the Lovelly brother, I figured I’d sit down with the boys and do a quick “This or That” interview with them for this blogfest. Just know that they might have deviated from the interview at times.

Without further ado, here’s the special interview for all YA Contemporary Romance readers! Please welcome: Heath, Harrington, and Hudson Lovelly!

Clara: Hello boys! How are you? So we’re here celebrating Spring YA Scavenger Hunt and I thought it’d be fun to interview you all. Remember this is YA readers, so be good. **glares at Harrington*

Harrington: *raises an eyebrow* Why are you looking at me like that? I didn’t do anything.

Clara: Yet. *looks at notecards * Okay, so first question. Villian or Hero?
Heath: Hero
Hudson: Hero
Harrington: *grins* Villian

Clara: Question 2: In Love or For Love?
Heath: In Love
Hudson: In Love
Harrington: *gag* I refuse to answer that question.

Clara: *rolls eyes* Always so dramatic. Anyhoo. Moving on. Ghosts or Sci-fiction?
Heath: Sci-Fi
Hudson: Ghosts
Harrington: Ghosts
**Heath and Hudson look at Harrington*
Harrington: *shrugs* What? Ghosts are freaky dude!

Clara: Question four: Flight or Fight?
Harrington and Heath respond at the same time: Fight
Hudson: *Looks at his brothers* *Blinks* Seriously? *Sighs* Fight—But only if it can’t be avoided

Clara: **looks at notecard then to Harrington, then back at notecard* I seriously don’t know what I was thinking writing this question… But alas… **sighs*: Brains or Beauty?

Hudson: Brains
Heath: Brains
Harrington: You both are such losers! Beauty. I don’t care what anyone says, but you get judged in this world for how you look. And being beautiful matters.
Heath: Beauty is so subjective.
Hudson: And it doesn’t last long.
Harrington: Says the two dou—
Clara: Harrington! Language!
Harrington: *clears throat and continues* Can you two be any more hypocritical? It’s easy for you to say it cause your woman are H.O.T.
*Heath rolls eyes*
Hudson: Did you every think that maybe you think they are ‘beautiful’ because you see their inner beauty.
Harrington: That’s like telling a homeless guy “You’re hungry cuz you haven’t eaten anything in days.” It doesn’t make sense.
*Hudson blinks*

Clara: Okay! I think it’s safe to say that’s all the time we have Lovellys. Thank you all for joining and taking part of this fun –get to know your characters for FUN interview.

Heath: Thanks Clara, from all of us!

Clara: **looks at Hudson and Harrington with worry*

Heath: Don’t worry about them. They’ll be okay once they figure out they can’t stay mad at each other for long. 

Clara: Hope you guys had fun getting to know Heath, Harrington, and Hudson during this short, but fun “This or That” interview. Be sure to check out Forever Kinda Love and Flirting with Love if you get a chance. Both books can be read as standalones!

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