The Infamous Susan Stec, author of Dead Girls Never Shut Up

Toni's grandmother is a psychopath.

Her sister is a ghost.

Her boyfriend is possessed.

And she has no idea who she is.

Summer vacation is ruined when Toni's twin sister, Sara,
dies. Instead of walking into the light, Sara stomps directly away from it,
totally pissed she didn't die in her skinny jeans. That's when Sara finds out
their grandmother has a gift for talking to dead people, and two spritely spirits
and a nasty soothsayer are all working their angle with Toni's future caught in

Dear old Granny's determined not to be the last
necromancer in the family, but with the death of her promiscuous granddaughter,
Sara, her only option is Toni, who must remain a virgin until her eighteenth
birthday...without any ghostly interference from Sara. 

Good luck with that! Sara's not having any of it; especially since the guy
Granny's conspiring with is the same guy that assisted in Sara's demise. Toni
needs help! But protecting her sister is complicating all the ghostly fun on
the other side! Especially when Granny sends Sara and her friends to a crypt of soul sucking fiends--just to make a freakin' point!

Can death stop a twin? Not on your life! Unfortunately, Granny knows Dead
Girls Never Shut Up.

***PG suggested—adult content and profanity.


  SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 on Amazon

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Apryl Baker