Intoducing Hally Willmott, author of Awakenings

Debut Novel
Elemental Series 

 Hally Willmott

Main Characters in "Awakenings
Dream Cast

Jacey Adison -   Sixteen year old female - unaware of her true lineage and powers to manipulate both dream and conscious states of beings

Hudson Adison - 18 year old brother of Jacey - is aware of his powers and where they are from - Will do anything to keep his family safe. 

Ria Adison - Mother of Hudson and Jacey.  A powerful Nemelite who chose family over lineage.

Hearte Adison - Father of Jacey and Hudson.  Silent protector and deadly adversary.

Aunt Grace - Ria's sister, the one contact from Nemele, the family kept while on the run.

Jen - Jaceys' best friend...the only one she's ever had and the one person she decides to go against her family for.

Vincent - Jaceys' blue eyed protector - in her dreams and in her reality.

Heathe - Vincent's best friend.  The Sentry Jacey is entrusted to.

Apryl Baker

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