A Chance For Redemption by Mary S. Palmer

Can people change? As a young man, Jerome Strait exploited everyone he could to attain success. Then he used his ill-gotten gains for selfish purposes. For him, life was a "me, first," experience. When he dies, he is shocked to find that that he cannot buy his way into Heaven. Jerome is lucky; he is one of the rare persons given a second chance. He is told he will have to relive his life and, with the help of an angel named Ezekiel, he will be given three days to correct all of his errors. This is his opportunity to learn the importance of the values of faith, hope and love and redeem himself.
This motivational novel shows readers that although Ezekiel may not be sent to them, he is symbolic of help that comes in unexpected forms in times of temptation and need. It can also inspire readers to realize they, too, have free will and the choice to change their lifestyles in order to live a better life.

Can this greedy, self-centered person meet the challenge or is his soul lost forever?

Apryl Baker

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