Introducing Craig Maclachlan, author of Summer's Shadow


When seventeen-year-old Sierra Winters watches her body sink to its death, she realizes a shining silver cord connects her two halves together, but it breaks off from her bellybutton, sinks with her body, and then everything changes when a mysterious boy saves her life.

Summer's Shadow, book one in the Sierra Winters and the Void series, is a YA paranormal-fantasy about Sierra Winters who discovers The Void, a realm filled with mystery, intrigue, danger and love. Sierra's life is already complicated enough when she's kidnapped, almost dies, obtains powers she can't comprehend and has a psychopath from The Void who can manipulate his surroundings into a sickening Rot, hunting for her cord. Sierra's only bright spots are her two best friends and the handsome blue-eyed boy she yearns for, but can't be with because she doesn't know how to willfully leave her body and enter his realm - until she discovers that he has secrets of his own...


The sound of a waterfall is heard close by, but it is hidden by trees. The sky is blue and mountains are all around. Graves creek is seen far below in the valley. A man wearing jean shorts, a blue tank-top, black flip-flops and white sunglasses sits in a chair near the cliff’s edge. He is holding an iced latte with both hands. Two empty plastic chairs sit in front of the man. One is white and one is black. The man sips his latte, clears his throat and begins to speak.

Craig: “Howdy everyone and welcome to what is sure to be a very interesting, exciting and possibly explosive segment of MACTV. I’m your host, Craig MacLachlan, the author of SUMMER’S SHADOW which is due for publication in spring 2014 from MediaAria CDM. Hey, nothing like a little shameless promotional plug to start the segment, right? ”

Craig takes a sip of his latte.

“Let’s all give a big round of applause to our heroine, Sierra Winters!”

Sierra Winters manifests into the white chair. She appears startled, looks quizzically around and then her green eyes stop on Craig. Craig waves and Sierra slowly waves in return. She is wearing holey jean pants, white sneakers, a white tank-top and her long brown hair dangles about.

Sierra: “Is this real? Are you the-“

Craig: “Yup, the author who created you, everyone you know and your awesome life. Anyways, so how are you doing? What were up to before I pulled you into this little interview?”

Sierra looks at the chair next to her.

Craig: “A friend of yours will be joining us shortly”.

Sierra: “I was-wait a moment, I can’t say that can I? Fall’s Fury isn’t finished yet. I’m fine, so what am I doing here again?”

Craig: “Right. Just some questions for my-I mean our fans. Now remember Sierra that these questions are in reference to Summer’s Shadow, not Fall’s Fury where you are currently dealing with some very heavy issues. So, what’s your favorite food?”

Sierra: “That’s an understatement. Well, if I had to pick one it would be red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Oh and the frosting has to also be inside the cupcake.”

Craig: “Do you think we could get delivery out here? Never mind, anyways, now to some more personal and relevant questions.”

Craig takes another sip of his latte and smiles at Sierra. An iced latte appears in her hand and she almost drops it. She drinks some of it through the straw and grins.

Sierra: “Nummy. This is a close tie for my favorite food. Wait, it’s my favorite drink!”

Craig: “Okay, enough about food. Can you spill any juicy deets about you and Valeck?”

Sierra: “It’s complicated, ya know? He’s so mysterious, handsome and those blue eyes.”

Sierra stares into the clear blue sky and Craig coughs bringing her attention back to him.

Craig: “You and Brad?”

Sierra: “He’s only a friend and like a brother to me. I’m serious!”

Craig: “Right, okay, how about Amber?”

Sierra: “Scared, brave, scared, brave and round and round she goes like a merry-go-round.”

Craig: “I like that. How about that gothic lookingTess?”

Sierra: “My best friend, well I think she is, or she used to be. It’s complicated, she’s definitely hiding something, or so I think. She’s definitely not the Tess I used to know before I-“

Craig: “Before you what? Left Tess and Amber to date Joe and be part of the hip crowd?”

Sierra: “Yeah, something like that. It’s not my fault you made my life so hard and stressful that I made a poor decision that affected my life forever.”

Craig: “Yeah, sorry about that. But your life can’t be all super cozy and warm like a hot mug of cocoa. If it were there would be nothing for you to overcome, conquer and grow from.”

Sierra: “Still, whatever, get on with this interview. I have a life to get back to you know?”

Craig: “Okay, chill, I don’t want to receive any of that stubborn Sierra-tude. Any thoughts on Molly?”

Sierra stands, walks to Craig, whispers in his ear and returns to her seat.

Sierra: “Can I even say that about her?”

Craig: “Uhm, let’s just say Molly not a nice girl. Your sister, Beth?”

Sierra: “She’s more like a parental figure to me than a sister. I miss my sister.”

Craig: “The Void?”

Sierra: “Different. Wonderful. Magical. It’s an escape from reality into another reality basically.”

Craig: “The Void or your real life?”

Sierra: “I-I can’t choose. At least not yet.”

Craig: “Good answer. Your parents?”

Sierra shakes her head and slurps down all of the latte.

Sierra: “Sorry. Next question please.”

Craig: “The Rot?”

Sierra: “Yuck! Just like it sounds, it rots everything in its path and turns good into darkness.”

Sierra cringes and rubs her arms.

Craig: “Maven Kodiak?”

Sierra: “Misguided evil and revenge. He will stop at nothing to steal my silver cord, its powers and rule The Void along with my reality. There’s more to him than what his actions make him out to be.”

Craig: “Speaking of cords, a curse or a blessing?”

Sierra: “Both. I do like how it tickles my skin when I touch it though. But its powers are something I’m having trouble controlling and understanding. I truly don’t understand any of it. Thanks again Craig.”

Craig: “No problem Sierra. Okay, so any last insights you’d like to share before I bring in my next guest?”

Sierra: “Well, without spoiling anything, I will say that Summer’s Shadow is quite the adventure and thrill ride. I can’t recall having much of a chance to even breathe during that book. I would rather ride a roller coaster than a mining cart, I will say that much. Oh and there are some serious twists and turns and revelations that are utterly mind-numbing! I’m still dealing with them in book two! Valeck and I definitely have our issues though, more him than me. I guess one final nugget I’ll share with everyone is that I really don’t like my other self. In fact, she scares me a lot!”

Craig: “Well done, well done indeed. Okay, we ran a little long with your segment so without further ado, let me introduce my other guest. He is the epitome of evil and chaos. He rules and punishes with his power of Rot and his ambitions for power and control know no bounds. Here he is, Maven Kodiak!”

Maven manifests into the black chair next to Sierra. Sierra looks wide-eyed at him. Maven is clad in a long black coat, black boots, black gloves and his long stringy, oily black hair covers his face. He slowly turns, facing Sierra.

Craig: “Maven, is there anything you’d like to say?”

Maven: “Not only will I rule the Void and the physical world, but I will also rule your world as well Craig. My ambitions are not solely bound to the words written on the pages of your novels. You have created something you don’t understand, but soon Craig, you will be my slave.”

Sierra: “Why did you bring him here? I thought you were bringing in Valeck?”

Maven begins to form a black aura of Rot around himself. The ends of his hair begin to slither about and the tips have tiny mouths with sharp teeth. A brilliant white silver light forms and surrounds Sierra’s body. Sierra stares with a grimace at Maven.

Maven: “Sierra, with your power I-“

Sierra: “Never Maven! I won’t let you!”

Craig: “Hmm, unexpected.”

Maven: “Oh but you will my dear; you just don’t know it yet!”

Mavens Rot and Sierra’s magical power touch. A loud explosion like thunder rattles the mountains.

Maven: “You forgot to speak of Maria. Maria, Maria!”

Sierra: “How did you know what I was talking about?”

Craig raises his hand.

Craig: “I know!”

Maven stands and so does Sierra. Maven is thin like a toothpick and taller than Sierra. Maven lunges at Sierra who slams the palm of her hands onto his chest. An explosion of white and black light fills the air. A gust of wind bends the trees and knocks Craig and the chair over onto the ground. The white and black chairs remain standing. Craig stands, his latte is spilled on the ground and he brushes himself off.

Craig: “Now that was an interview. I hope you enjoyed this segment of MACTV and don’t forget to join me next time when I’ll interview another pair of characters who have issues with one another. Cheers, and don’t forget to add Summer’s Shadow to your reading list on Goodreads. Oh and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and check out my website! Now I need another latte, thanks a lot Sierra and Maven.”

Craig walks out of view.


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  1. Hi Craig,
    Congrats on your novel coming out soon. Fun meeting Sierra in this little interview!

  2. Thank you so much Mary! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview!

  3. Thank you Lindsay for all of your support!