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Eighteen-year-old Ava knows this summer is going to be one of the best ones yet, but it isn’t going how she originally planned. Her life takes an unexpected turn on graduation day, when Jason, the love of her life, suddenly dumps her. Blindsided and feeling betrayed Ava is determined to win him back at the end of year frat party. Something that was not in her plan, however, was being sidetracked by a complete and total stranger. Caught off guard by this unexplainable attraction, she can’t figure out why she’s having such a hard time forgetting about him.

Adrian had one thing on his mind that night. It was to get through the summer and not have to worry about anything, but working with his dad and getting the hell out of this small town. When he meets Ava his whole world is turned upside down. He doesn’t know why but he knows that this is the girl he’s supposed to be with. The only problem is going to be trying to convince her of the same thing…



He looked me in the eyes. “All right then,” he said. “Let the games begin.” He proceeded to hand me a ball and back away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jason pop out of the crowd and into the front row. Great, just what I need. First, I made myself sound like some badass beer pong player and now I had the guy who could make me turn into an emotional wreck in a matter of minutes standing in the front row. I was going to be the laughing stock of the night.

I closed my eyes for a second and tried to get my mind straight. I looked up to make eye contact with the guy standing across the table from me, but I froze. It took every muscle in my jaw to keep it from dropping. This guy was gorgeous, all six feet of him! You could see every curve of his perfectly tan, sculpted body through his gray fitted t-shirt. His hair was a chestnut brown that most girls would kill to have. The thing that really caught me off guard were his eyes. He had the most amazing green eyes I’d ever seen. He smiled at me as I’m admired him and my heart literally skipped a beat. He had the most perfect smile and to top it off…he had dimples.

“Ava, are you okay?” Jesse interrupted my admiration session.

“Yeah, I’m just concentrating,” I lied. I seemed to be doing a lot of lying tonight.

“Okay, well I think that’s long enough. You’ve been standing here like a zombie for like three minutes,” he whispered.

“Oh my God! Have I really?” I was horrified.

“No, but it feels like it.” I smacked Jesse and turned back to the team standing across from us.

“Can we start yet?” The green-eyed guy’s teammate asked, sounding irritated.

I got into position and we made eye contact. We both threw a ball, but mine, of course, bounced off the table and rolled into the crowd while his sunk into one of our red cups.

“I believe that’ll be your drink.” He looked at me and smiled.

“Oh, honey, I’m just warming up.” I smiled back at him. Okay, I had no idea where that came from, but I liked it! Suddenly I really had the urge to kick these guys’ asses.

The game surprisingly continued pretty even until each team had two cups left. Jesse took his place and got into position. He took his shot and sunk it into the back red cup. Everyone cheered.

He put his hand on my lower back. “All right, Ava, you just have to get it in that front cup and we can end the game. No pressure.” He smirked.

“Yeah, no pressure at all,” I said sarcastically. I glanced up at the green-eyed guy, smiled, and looked back down at their cups. Okay, all I had to do is make it in that last cup and it’s game over. I took a deep breath, stepped up to the table and raised my arm. I tossed my ball into the air and held my breath as I watched it arc. It landed in the cup and spun around the edge. The green-eyed guy’s friend stuck his finger in the cup and tried to pull it out, but failed, and pushed the ball into the cup. Everyone started cheering.

“We won!” Jesse yelled as he picked me up and spun me around.

“You’re not too bad for a girl,” my handsome opponent said as he came over to shake my hand.

“Yeah, well, you’re not too bad yourself,” I replied.

“What’s your name, anyway?”

“Ava. Yours?”

“Adrian. You go to school here?”

“Ava!” Lily called. “I think we’re going to head over to the next house. You ready?”

“Yeah…sure!” I yelled back in her direction.

“We’ll meet you out front! It’s too hot in here!” She, Steven, and Jesse proceeded out the front door.

“Okay I’ll be out in a sec!” I looked back at Adrian. “Sorry about that, but we try and stick together at these kinds of things.”

“No problem. I’m actually heading to the next house myself. Mind if I tag along?”

“Sure.” We made our way out of the house.


Jessica Gunhammer recently married her high school sweetheart and they’re lucky to call Hawaii home. She graduated college in May 2012 with a degree in fashion design and quickly realized it was not the right fit for her. So, after spending several years in a fast paced fashion industry, she started looking for something new to keep her busy.

Reading has always been a passion of hers. However, she put this passion on the back burner, since she had no time to read during college. Soon after, Jessica and her mom started a publishing company. It was while working in the publishing industry that she rediscovered her love for writing. She’d always known she wanted to write, but never considered making a career out of it. After some feedback and support from her amazing family she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an author.

When Jessica has time between reading, writing and running a business, you can find her enjoying all Hawaii has to offer. She likes to spend her time with her husband, family and dog Asia. On the weekends you can find them teeing off at the nearest golf course, playing volleyball on the beach or visiting the local farmer’s market.


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