Introducing Amanda Lance, author of Wanted

Hi everybody, we’re lucky enough to have Charlie Hays, one of the stars of Wanted, with us today. With traveling, stealing, and the whole running from the authorities’ thing, Charlie is a busy guy, so let’s try to make him feel welcome!

AL: Hi, Charlie thanks for being here.
CH: Yeah.

AL: Okay, so I’ll start with a softball. Favorite food?
CH: Fried chicken

AL: Really? You’ve been all around the world fried chicken is your favorite?
CH: There was this woman at a house the state stuck me in who made it. I was a real picky eater and wouldn’t eat nothin’ else. I was only there for a couple of weeks but she made it for me all the time—I can’t knock it.

AL: I see you have a tattoo on your neck there. What made you choose that particular design?
CH: I think it’s funny how folks are usually afraid of snakes. Did you know there are ‘bout 3000 different breeds of snakes in the world and only 375 of em’ are poisonous?

AL: No I didn’t. Okay, do you have any real life heroes?
CH: Kid Curry, Tom Horn, and Jessie James I guess.

AL: If you weren’t a thief, what else would you be?
CH: Maybe one of them people who draws cartoons. I’m pretty good at it but I can never sit still for real long so it probably wouldn’t work out.

AL: What’s your biggest pet peeve?
CH: People who don’t listen. If somebody who knows better than you tells ya something you should just listen. Ain’t no sense in trying to find your own way when you don’t know anything.

AL: What do you consider your biggest achievement?
CH: *laughs* There was this one time; I made a girl fall in love with me. I didn’t mean to or nothin’ but it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

AL: *swooning* Um, biggest regret?
CH: Same answer as before…she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me, but I gotta be the worst thing that ever happened to her.

Well thanks for sharing your time with us today Charlie. We hope everything works out for you and that you don’t get sent to prison…again.

Apryl Baker

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