Introducing Alex Woolf, author of Soul Shadows

Gripping, vivid, creepy – just some of the words used in early reviews to describe SOUL SHADOWS, the new novel by Alex Woolf published by CURIOUS FOX.

Tying in with a recent trend for YA ‘fright-write’, Soul Shadows can be compared to Charlie Higson’s The Enemy or Darren Shan’s series, in its ability to grip and scare in equal measure. Exploring themes like mental health, childhood psychological abuse and the morality of science, SOUL SHADOWS offers much more than a one-dimensional scare story. Through his central character, Estelle, Alex Woolf places the reader right in the centre of the action – Estelle is an immediately gripping, though clearly damaged and vulnerable personality, and it’s the reader’s connection with her from the first page that makes the unfolding horror feel so true, so raw.

In the world of SOUL SHADOWS, Woolf explores what would happen if your shadow could come to life, and, ultimately, try to take your life. It’s a sinister concept that leaves readers jumpy and, literally, scared of their own shadow. Set in an unspecified rural English landscape there is a feeling of extreme claustrophobia as Estelle, and her friend, Sandor, try to escape the world of

Woolf admits he has been scared of shadows or the ideas of shadows for some time: “I’ve always felt your shadow is a scary idea, sometimes the light or dark warps your shape and you catch a flicker of movement from the corner of your eye, rationally you know it’s just your shadow, but what if…what if…I began to think – and then Soul Shadows was born.”

Praise for Soul Shadows:

"I can't say it enough: I loved this book! ... I don't usually read books again but this has to be an exception. Alex Woolf has thought of an amazing plot and together with amazing writing, they form Soul Shadows."

"A fast-paced horror story where the action kicks in before the end of the first chapter and doesn't relent until the final page."

“Wow! Soul Shadows had me gripped from the beginning to end. The writing style is very vivid and descriptive which is perfect for this creepy story.”
Comacalm’s Corner blog

“I felt really tense as I read, at times I almost didn’t want to click to turn the page…. it’s definitely the kind of terrifying that I love to read.”
Junipers Jungle blog

“I thought this book wouldn't be for me - and I was wrong! I tried it anyway and it is brilliant!”
Bookhi blog

“Possibly the most dramatic, tension-building, unusual story I have ever read.” Mile Long Bookshelf blog

“I thought this book was brilliant; it was extremely gripping and had just the right amount of horror to scare you!”
Hannah, 15 years old

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About the author:

Known for his successful sci-fi Chronosphere trilogy, Woolf has been a fulltime writer for over a decade after leaving his job as a non-fiction editor in 2001. He lives in North London with his Italian wife and two children. In his spare time, he likes to play tennis, draw sharks, watch horror movies and teach himself the piano.

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