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Hey everyone! I’m super excited to participate in the 2013 YA Blogfest! A HUGE thank you to Apryl for inviting me!
So, I’m Kelly Anne Blount and I’m a best selling young adult fantasy
author signed with Limitless Publishing. My first novel, Grishma came out in March of 2013 and the sequel, Ayla is coming soon! I thought I would
use this post to give you the top ten reasons to check out the Necoh Saga and share a sneak peek of an exclusive excerpt from Ayla.
But first, a little bit about me… During the day, I am an intensive intervention teacher of children with special needs. I love my job and it
definitely gives me a lot of inspiration for my stories! In my spare time, I
enjoy writing, spending time with my husband and our furry babies, and of
course, I love to read! I prefer young adult fantasy and middle grade fantasy novels;
however, I’ll pick up just about anything!

Top Ten Reasons You Should Read the Necoh Saga:

1.   Ryder is your total book boyfriend. Hot, sensitive, and beyond loyal!
2.   Grishma is the ultimate villain! Evil, murderous, and heinous are just a few words used to describe her!
3.   Randall the Honey Badger featured Grishma during his "A Week of Sharks In Under Three Minutes." (
4.     The books are slam-packed with action and adventure!
5.    Necoh is a unique world unlike any other you have ever visited!
6.   Grishma has been described as having an, “Wizard of Oz like quality.”
How cool is that?
7.   The plots are full of twists and turns. Once you pick up a book from the Necoh Saga, you won’t want to put it down!
8.   The books are full of creatures that will make you laugh, cry, and cringe!
9.   The covers are stunning!
10.  I saved my favorite for last! “Because it is out of this world, it's an adventure you've never stumbled upon and it will continue to shock you
till the end.” -Cassie
Hope you enjoyed the top ten reasons to read the Necoh Saga! Now, for a sneak peak from Ayla, Book Two from the Necoh Saga.
Ryder swallowed hard and focused on the disgusting sight in front of him.
“You imbecile! Bow before King Sarku and Queen Nessa,” growled one of the guards.
Ryder bowed. Upon straightening up, he grimaced and felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
Hundreds of pustules covered the King’s face and arms. The skin that wasn’t covered in crusty oozing sores remained milky white. Rolls of fat cascaded down from his neck to his wrists. The rest of his large body was cloaked in a heavy black robe with a blood red hood.
Next to King Sarku stood a frighteningly thin woman with a blank expression. She had the same disturbing complexion. Almost every visible surface was covered in blisters full of pus.
Ryder’s stomach turned and he dropped his gaze.
“So this is the infamous Ryder?” asked King Sarku.
“Yes. How may I help you?”
The King shifted his massive frame, popping several of the pustules. Amber colored pus dripped down his face.
Ryder held back a heaving sensation.
Wiping the sticky liquid away with the back of his palm, he said, “The Queen and I need your assistance with a very critical issue.”
Sighing dramatically, the Queen crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.
“Why didn’t you just summon me? Why did you have me kidnapped and brought here against my will?” asked Ryder.
The King held up his hands, which were miniscule in size compared to the rest of his enormous body. “I just assumed you wouldn’t accept.”
Ryder’s emerald eyes bored into the King’s. “Next time, ask.”
The King’s face went from milky white to beet red. He stood, leaning on a
jewel-encrusted cane and bellowed, “Be mindful of who you speak to like that,
Ryder bit the inside of his cheek and looked down. “I’m sorry, Your Grace. Please accept my apology.”
“Apology accepted. Next time, it may not.”
He looked back up and took in his surroundings. In the dimly lit room, plush
fabric and portraits of the King and Queen hung on every wall. Golden accents
and jewels adorned the frames. Behind the royal thrones, a large mirror stood
and Ryder could see statues of the King and Queen at the back of the room. Wow, these people must really like looking at themselves.
The King wiped more goo off his face and flicked it on the ground before speaking again. “As I was saying earlier, we need your help. I fear no one else in Necoh can complete the task we are going to ask of you.”
“I highly doubt that,” said Ryder.
The Queen sighed again and uncrossed her arms. “I want to sit! I’m tired,” she whined.
A guard rushed to her side and escorted her to a slate black throne.
“Fan me!” she demanded.
Two guards picked up dried sur leaves and fanned Queen Nessa.
Once she was seated, Ryder asked, “What is the task?”
The King cleared his throat. “We need you to capture Grishma and bring her here.”
Ryder blinked repeatedly. “I beg your pardon?”
“I said, we need you to capture Grishma and bring her here.”
He shook his head. “I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen.”
The King’s semi-pleasant demeanor faded and a scowl formed on his face. “Excuse me?”
Ryder cracked his knuckles and shrugged his shoulders. “Sire, I simply can’t help you. I apologize for wasting your time.”
The King’s pale face turned redder than a lera berry. He banged his fist on his open palm. Pus flew everywhere and a large glob landed on Ryder’s face.
Unable to hold it in anymore, Ryder leaned over and vomited. Everything he had eaten during the last day exploded out of his system with such force he thought he might not be able to stop.
“Does my appearance make you physically ill?” snarled the King. “What about my wife, Queen Nessa? Does the sight of her make you sick as well?”
Ryder dry heaved twice more before answering. “No, your Majesty. I must be coming down with something. The Queen’s beauty is legendary throughout all of Necoh.”
Queen Nessa rose, her ebony robe billowing from an invisible breeze. “Does it now?” she purred.
“Yes, Your Majesty.”
A smile spread across her face and she ran her tongue over her crust-covered lips.
Pleased that he had temporarily smoothed things over with the Queen, Ryder turned towards the King. “You Highness, I am unable to fulfill your request due to a personal vengeance.”
The King tapped his chin. “Personal vengeance?”
Nodding, Ryder said, “Yes. You see, Grishma killed my father and kidnapped my mother andsister. I’m on a mission to kill the beast. Until then, my family lives in fear.”
Twisting a large gold ring on his index finger, the King furrowed his brow before speaking. “Unfortunately, Ryder, it isn’t up for debate.”
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