Introducing Delsheree Gladden, author of Wicked Hunger

What kind of teen wants to feed on pain and suffering? Definitely not your average high school crowd. The

Roth siblings, however, have spent their whole lives trying to figure out how to exist in a world filled with tragedy and anguish without indulging. If their control slips, they have to hope the people in their lives will help keep them on the right path.

Curious about the Roth’s and their friends? Let’s meet the cast of Wicked Hunger!

Name: Vanessa, but please don’t call me that!

Nickname: Van is much better, thanks

Hobbies: Dancing, mainly ballet and hip-hop. I know, I know, it’s shocking given how moody and crazy everyone thinks I am. I’m learning Jeet Kune Do, but don’t tell Grandma or she’ll kill me!

Biggest fear: Losing any more of the people I love.

Favorite food: Black Forest cake, but only Grandma’s. Everyone else’s is gross compared to hers.

Worst habit: Biting, but I’ve mainly got that under control now.

Quote: “People who don’t know me well think I’m a moody, dark teenager. I’m really just trying not to kill them.”

Name: Alexander

Nickname: Zander. I haven’t gone by Alexander since everything happened.

Hobbies: Football, basketball, anything that will put me in the position to hurt people without getting in trouble. When that doesn’t work…well, I probably shouldn’t talk about that.

Biggest fear: Losing control

Favorite food: When I really get hungry, it isn’t food that I want.

Worst habit: Sneaking into places I shouldn’t

Quote:  “She’s pure, unadulterated Kryptonite to me, but I want more of her. As much as I can get. No, it isn’t over yet. I won’t let it be over.”

Name: Ivy

Nickname: I’m good with just Ivy.

Hobbies: I’m not really allowed to talk about that.

Biggest fear: Failing

Favorite food: Strawberry ice cream, because it’s pink

Worst habit: Not telling.

Quote:  “I changed my mind about the rules. I get to ask one question and you have to answer it.”

Name: ???

Nickname: Ketchup. I don’t think anyone remembers my real name at this point.

Hobbies: Picking locks, but I swear it’s not what you think!

Biggest fear: Losing Van.

Favorite food: French fries, meatloaf, pretty much anything I can put ketchup on.

Worst habit: Waiting instead of acting

Quote:  “Is it surprising that a guy thinks you’re beautiful and amazing? No, it’s not surprising. Everyone should be able to see that about you. Everyone should see you like I do.”

Name: Oscar

Nickname: I didn’t have to change my name after what happened, because it was their fault, not mine.

Hobbies: Finding out the truth

Biggest fear: Never getting out

Favorite food: Anything that isn’t served on a tray

Worst habit: It’s not me who has the bad habits. Everyone else tells lies, but I never do. Never.

Quote:  “Baby brother and little sister dreaming, dreaming, building their nightmare one visit at a time.”

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  1. Read this book and loved it. Gladden outdid her self with this one, folks. My 5 star review on Amazon:

    Sister and brother, Vanessa and Zander Roth know only too well that self-control is important to the life they live and the lives of others around them because they were born with a wicked hunger; an uncontrollable hunger--the pain of others.

    Imagine being a teen in high school where tempers are sure to flair, fights are certain to break out and contact sports are part of the daily curriculum...

    It's so worth the read - check out the rest of my review, and the others, on Amazon.

  2. Thanks so much for having me on your blog for the YA blogfest, April! I'm out of town right now but I'll share this as much as I can!