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Romance Blogfest- Interview with the Ryan brothers- Chance, Chase and Chad

Hi readers! I’m Tamara Hoffa, the author of the Circle R Ranch series that features the handsome Ryan brothers. They are Tennessee cowboys, ropers, ranchers and a veterinarian too. Please say “HI” boys.

Three blond, blue eyed six foot men slouch on the couch drinking their coffee. They are in their trademark jeans, with dusty boots a cowboy hat or two sitting on a knee.

Chance: Hi ladies, it’s nice to be here

Chase: Hello ladies

Chad: darlins’ (tips hat)

Tamara: Thanks for joining me today guys. What are your ladies up to today?

Chance: Mom and James are babysitting and the girls all went for a day at the spa. Then they’re gonna make us take ‘em jukin tonight.

Tamara: Oh, that sounds like fun! How are the babies, Chase?

Chase: Getting’ into frickin’ everything! They just started crawling and I swear you’d think they had five hands a piece. Little Sarah is cute as a June bug, looks just like her momma. Tommy is a mess, he is 100% boy, I think he’ll be a bronco buster or maybe a bull rider.

Chad: I’m gonna tell Sammy you said that. (he sing songs)

Chase slugs him in the shoulder

Tamara: All right, boys, behave! I have another question for you Chase. My friend Natasza Waters wants to know what attracted you to Samantha? She’s older than you, did that bother you?

Chase: You know it really pisses me off when people make such a big deal about Samantha’s age. I don’t think about her being older than me. What attracted me? Hell, everything! She is majorly hot. (His brothers groan) She is sweet and funny and smart…

Chance: Oh p l e a s e, can the love feast! Chase will wax poetic for HOURS about his Sammy! 

Chase: That’s because she’s great

Chad: Not as great as my Megs

Tamara: Okay, so let’s talk about Megan for a minute. How are you guys doing? Are there any more little Ryan’s on the way?

Chad: Shit, now you sound like my Ma! No, no babies, yet. Give us a little time. I want to enjoy my wife for a while before I have to share her.

(everyone laughs)

Tamara: So, you said your Mom and James are babysitting. I have had a lot of readers asking if they are together, can you give us any gossip?

Chance: (Clears throat) Well, they have been ‘courting’ you might say. I think there might even be some wedding bells in the future, If Jim has anything to say about it.

Tamara: And how do y’all feel about that?

Chase: I think we’re all happy for them both. Jim’s a good man. He makes Mom happy. So, I guess we won’t kill him… maybe.

(Tamara laughs nervously)

Tamara: Well I hope not. I kinda liked Jim when I wrote him. How about you Chance. How are things at the Ranch?

Chance: Everything is good. The girls are all learning to ride and I’ve been having a ball teaching them. Tyler is doing great on the roping circuit and Carrie has made me the happier than a pig in a poke.

Tamara: So all your issues are resolved now?

Chance: It took a while. If you read our story, you know I had a lot to make up for, but I she’s forgiven me now and I make sure she know every day that I love her.

(The boys make gagging noises)

Tamara: How is Cross’ Christmas Dreams doing, Chase?

Chase: The store is doing great! Sammy is so talented and she finds the best stuff from other local artists too and you should see the homestead, the trees are growing like weeds. We’ll be ready to start cutting trees in another year or so. I love the smell of all the pines when we sit on the front porch at night.

Tamara: Oh, I love the smell of real Christmas trees! I bet that’s wonderful. You won Sammy over with little presents, do you still give her presents?

(Chase blushes and his brothers shove him around on the sofa)

Chase: Not as often, but I still try to surprise her now and again. 

Tamara: What was the last thing you surprised her with?

(His blush gets deeper red) Chase: Umm, I don’t reckon I can say in mixed company.

Tamara: Okay! Well… on that note, I think I’ll ask a few short fun questions. Chad, Boxers or briefs?

Chad: Briefs

Tamara: Chance, Top or bottom?

Chance: All of the above and sideways too!

Tamara: Chase, What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Chase: Are you serious? If I tell you that Sammy is gonna kill me. Okay, but don’t tell her I told you. Let’s just say it involved ropes and leave it at that.

Chance: TMI, man, TMI

Tamara: Chad, What would be your perfect weekend getaway with Megan?

Chad: I’d love to go to a private island where we could sun bath nekkid and skinny dip and make love on the beach

Tamara: Oooh, can I come?

(Chase barks a laugh)

Chad: Megan doesn’t share

Tamara: That’s not what I meant…

Chance: I’m gonna tell your husband you wanna go skinny dipping with Chad Ms Tamara

Tamara: You better watch it Chance Ryan. Don’t threaten your author, I write your life story you know, you could end up with erectile dysfunction!

Chad/Chase: Whoa, Bro, you’re in trouble now! 

As you can see, these boys are a little unruly, but a lot of fun.
I hope you enjoyed meeting the Ryan brothers and if you’d like to find out more about them check out their books. You’ll find Chance in Roping Love 

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Chase’s story is Chasing Love

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And coming May 2, 2014 Fetching Love
As a fourteen year old, Megan Malone thought Chad Ryan hung the moon, but the boy of her dreams was already a man. Chad left town for seven years. Now he’s back. He’s the new veterinarian in town and he’s working for her dad, in the Animal clinic that she manages. Never mate a dog from your own kennel, so the saying goes, but…

Chad Ryan is a dog. The skinny little girl who used to trail after him like a lost puppy, is now a beautiful woman. He has no business even noticing. On the heels of a failed relationship, and the beginning of his career, there is no time for love in his life.

A matchmaking mom and dad, a boisterous yellow lab and fate have different plans. When it’s dropped in their path, no dog can resist Fetching Love.

I’m giving away and e-book of Fetching Love in the Rafflecopter giveaway!

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  1. Hi...your books sound awesome & I can't wait to "meet" these cowboys.

  2. I have Books 1 & 2 of Circle R Ranch series and will need book 3 Fetching Love! I am a series junkie and actually like reading them back to back! Kathy Heare Watts

  3. These sound like my kind of guys! YUM!

  4. Tamara,

    Looks like a lotta fun with these stories! I do love the occasional cowboy romance, lighthearted and fun!


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    1. Thank you, Dawne Dominique does my covers. She is so talented! I hope you enjoy the "boys"