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Running in the Dark released today!! Yay!
This isn’t your typical romance!!

Here is the Running in the Dark playlist:
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Meet Trace and Bessina from Running in the Dark!!

So, I asked my beta readers to come up with a few questions for Trace and Bessina and I took five of those questions and interviewed the two of them together.

INGER: Hi guys, and thank you for meeting me here in this…abandoned warehouse.

*I look around warily*

BESSINA: No problem.

*I can’t help staring at her eyes* 

INGER: So, I have a few questions from a few of your fans, but first I have to ask: Why are we here in this obscure place in the middle of nowhere?

TRACE: Well, there are people who may still be after me and my—Bessina. The Vampire Nation is full of individuals who want to silence us after we found out about the corruption within it that will have humans worried.
INGER: Worried? (O_o) Well, I have Daryl Dixon on speed dial, so I feel pretty safe. Wait!! You were about to call her something else. Why’d you correct yourself?

TRACE: I’d hate to ruin the book for the readers. *Gives a devilish smile*

INGER: Makes sense, so on to the questions. The first is for Bessina.

 Q 1: Why didn’t you call your father and ask for help after Eli attacked you. Is your father really that bad?

BESSINA: My father is a broken man. He lost his wife and then gained a daughter. For most, that would have been a blessing, but for him it was a burden and he treated me as such. So, no. I couldn’t have called him. He would have blamed me.

INGER: Yep, your daddy seems like an ass. Okay, this one is for Trace.

Q2: Why didn’t you just lie to your boss about what Bessina saw? You would have saved her a lot of trouble.

BESSINA: Can I answer this?

INGER: Please do!



*I watch as Trace takes Bessina’s had to his lips as rewards her with a sweet kiss*

BESSINA: It’s simple. He could have walked away and never saw me again. He could have left it at that, but instead, he did his job and through our journey together, we found each other and then ourselves. It was worth every frightening second.

INGER: How romantic! Which leads to the next question.

Q3: I hate insta-love and I am so glad your story had none of that mess in it. Your story takes place in a few days and you two make a crazy choice that takes some ppl years to make. How do you feel now that some of the smoke has cleared?

TRACE: I knew the second I asked Bessina the question it was what I wanted. Romance doesn’t have to always be roses and flowers after years of chasing a woman. It doesn’t always have to be cut from some cookie cutter template. When you fall for someone you go where your heart takes you. However, I also knew the life I’d be throwing her into, so I will admit, there are times when I wish I was a different man—a better man.

INGER: *wipes tears from corner of my eye and sniffles* Damn, dust in here! Okay, so next up, Bessina.

Q4: What is next for you Bessina? Will you join the Sect and help protect humans?

BESSINA: No, I don’t trust them and I want nothing to do with that life. I know that life with Trace will be a bit complicated—

INGER: A bit? Honey, he is a dhampir, an ex-watcher for the Vampire Nation, he used to be an assassin and he has insider knowledge of corruption in the Vampire Nation. Complicated isn’t the word you should use.

BESSINA: Perhaps not, but he and I will make it work.

*We all nod in agreement*

INGER: And Trace this one is for you:

Q5: How do you feel about the Echo situation? Rhys was a slimy bastard and he could have gotten your friend killed.

TRACE: Echo is a resourceful man and he is at least 150 years old. I think he can handle himself. After this interview I am actually going to visit him. There is always, as Bessina calls it, DRAMA.

INGER: Ain’t that the truth!! You should see all the drama on Facebook these days. Well, it was nice having you here today and I hope the drama with Echo goes over well. I mean, he is a 150 year old dhampir, so there is probably A LOT of drama going on over there.

BESSINA and  TRACE: Thanks.

Apryl Baker

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  1. What the devil is a dhamir? I guess I'll have to read to find out, but it must be something supernatural. Interesting idea. Best of luck.