Meet author Kelly Anne Blount

(Book One in the Hard Love Series)
by Kelly Anne Blount

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.  
Heartbroken and stuck on her ex, Harper never planned on falling for anyone new over the summer, but a chance meeting with Ethan Sawyer soon sends her heart spiraling…
Their connection is instant and intense.
Ethan seems perfect. That is, until the pressure of Harper’s impending internship allows her to see a very different side to Ethan.
Jealousy is never pretty and it can be dangerous.
Leaving for L.A. is a perfect opportunity for Harper to start afresh. But it’s not long until she finds herself facing decisions that will question what and who she wants. 
Will Harper find a way to forgive or will she find a new path to happiness?


Love Triangle or Soul Mates?

Sloan: Good Morning, listeners! It's Sloan Anderson and I want to welcome our guests Harper, Ethan, and Avery to the Z 99.3 Morning Show.   

Ethan: Hey, thanks for having me, Sloan! 

Avery: Nice, to be here. 

Harper: I'm a big fan of the show. Thank you for inviting us. 

Sloan: Last I checked, the three of you are in a bit of a love triangle. 

Ethan: In order to have a love triangle, there's gotta be love, right?  

Sloan: I guess that's a fair statement. So, Harper, let's get right in to it. You and Ethan were hot and heavy. Then, your last night in town, everything went wrong. Where do you two stand today?   

Harper: You know, things are really complicated… I'm having a really hard time dealing with all that's happened over the past several months. 

Sloan: That's right, we can't forget your high school and college sweetheart leaving you high and dry at the beginning of the summer, only to want you back as soon as you met Ethan. 

Harper: Wow, you sure are blunt.  

Ethan: Look, Derek's a complete loser. He treated Harper like crap and expected her to put up with it. When I came around, he never had a chance!  

Avery: Riiiigggght... Because you treated her so much better!   

Ethan: Contrary to what you might think, I treated Harper like a Queen. I want her to be my wife and I'm not giving up without a fight.  

Avery: What if she doesn't want you back? Did you ever consider that?  

Ethan: I sent you to the hospital once, I can do it again!   

Sloan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, boys. Simmer down!  

Harper: Ethan, you betrayed me and broke my heart. You can't expect me to just forget that and go back to being a happy couple.  

Avery: Look, Ethan, I care about Harper now and I'm certainly not going to treat her like you or that jackhole Derek. So why don't you just back off and leave us alone!  

Ethan: Why don't we ask Harper who she wants to be with?   

Sloan:  Hate to leave you all on a cliffhanger, but that's all the time we have for today! Who holds the key to Harper's heart? Will it be Ethan, Avery, or does she still pine for Derek?  

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About The Author:  

Kelly Anne Blount is the bestselling author of The Necoh Saga and the Hard Love Series. She loves creating unique and compelling characters with amazing stories and new worlds for readers to explore. When she isn’t writing, Kelly can be found spending time with the love of her life, their furry rescues, and enjoying the beautiful sites of Asheville, North Carolina.

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