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Hi all!!  My name is Evan Grace and I write contemporary romance novels.  Just a brief little bit about me and then we’ll talk books!  I started writing five years ago and published my first novel in January of this year.  I love to write and usually carry paper and pens everywhere with me just in case I’m inspired to write something.  Now I’ll tell you about my books.

The series is called Starting Over. Each book can be read as a standalone even though the characters are all connected.  I love second chance romances, call me a sucker, but I love the idea of two people getting a chance to basically get a do-over.  Each couple was together in some capacity but at the beginning of the book they are no longer together.  You get to see them work through pain, heartache and anger but never forgetting what’s important.

Book One is called Starting Over and have you ever been in love with your brothers’ best friend?  Well I have, “Hi y’all, I’m Bellamy Carmichael and I’m the heroine from Starting Over.  I’ve been in love with Luke Carter since I can remember.  Right after my eighteenth birthday I decided to seduce him.  Yeah-yeah-yeah, you can all imagine how that went. It took us awhile to get our HEA and if you take a chance and pick up a copy you will not be disappointed."

Bellamy Carmichael

“Hi ladies, Luke Carter here, you should all listen to my girl. You’ll enjoy our story. It’s not only about Starting Over, it’s about family and how we stick together through thick and thin. Bellamy and I heat up the sheets If I do say so myself.  Getting serious for a minute we have a bumpy road ahead of us as we get to our HEA, but I would do it all over again.”

“Aww…baby.” I smile at my girl because I know exactly how to make her all soft and sweet.

“So give our story a chance and I hope y’all love it.”

Luke Carter
Well guys sorry I didn’t let Bellamy and Luke say too much.  I didn’t want them giving away too much.  This story was very hard to write in parts.  Bellamy’s secret was something I’ve seen firsthand, not myself personally but with others. It breaks my heart now just thinking about it. The story just kept evolving and changing as I wrote it and Bellamy’s story brought a lot of tears.  I seem to always have a certain idea in my head but ones I put fingers to keyboard I feel like it almost starts to write itself.  My original idea for Starting Over was the same but completely different.  

Book 2, Second Chances was a blast to write and again hard in spots.  Stacy is someone I hold very near and dear to my heart.  We all have body issues, whether we think we’re too fat, too thin, too many curves, big boobs, little boobs and I could go on and on.  Stacy was one of those girls that developed early opening up a lot of insecurities.  There’s a scene in this book that I absolutely loved writing.  Dustin, our hero proves to her how beautiful she is and it’s hot as hell too!
They weren’t available to some chat with you guys today, but they said to tell y’all “Hey!”  

Dustin Carmichael, is a, well let’s just say it…Manwhore, but Stacy changed that in him.  These two together are hot and so stinkin’ sweet.  A lot of people don’t know this, but Dustin is quite the romantic, but only with his girl.  He’s completely obsessed with her, in a good way of course. They bring out the best in each other.  

I’ve already said it once but this series is about family too.  Stacy has the biggest, toughest looking dad and uncles but they doted on her since she was the only girl in the family.  They’re uber-protective of her and extremely close as well.   One thing about Stacy is her mom is from Brazil so you’ll get a small little taste of her.

Stacy Hutchins

Dustin Carmichael

Well I hope you’ll check out Starting Over and Second Chances.  Book 3, Begin Again is almost done so it should be out in the next month or so.  Our Hero is Dylan Carmichael, Dustin’s twin and Bellamy’s other brother. His heroine, Journey is young, but a tough cookie she plays the hand she’s been dealt with strength and determination.  I think you will love them.  Their story has been interesting to write so far.  

Thanks for having me and you can reach me and find me at:

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  1. This sounds like a series my daughter would love, having dated a friend of her eldest brother--disastrously. Are they available on Amazon?