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by Devyn Dawson

1.  Werewolves have great abs - Vampires are scrawny and never pump iron.

2.  Werewolves will take you to dinner - Vampires think you're dinner.

3.  Werewolves will snuggle with you on a picnic on a bright sunny day - Vampires typically avoid sunlight (unless they have a ring like Damon and Stephen)

4.  Werewolves have big families, so you'll never be lonely.  Vampires tend to be loners.

5.  Werewolves like big fluffy beds - Vampires sleep in a casket (EEEK!).
6.  Werewolves will protect you with their life - Vampires are narcissistic and rarely care if you're okay or not.
7.  Werewolves make better lovers - That sparkly vamp in those movies looked pained when he was being a lover.  

8.  Werewolves look great in jeans!  Vampires tend to overdress and are rarely rocking jeans.

9.  Werewolves have animal magnetism - Vampires compel you to be their friend.

10.  Werewolves know how to party and howl at the moon - Vampires are on the boring side when it comes to parties.

This is what happens when people make grandpa into a vampire!

 The Great Wolf on Amazon

Abel’s been training for this day since the first day he found out he is a werewolf.  The Werewolf Olympics, in Kilkenny, Ireland, is where the big announcement will take place.  He will be stepping up as alpha, and what will mean for every pack throughout the world.  His faith is tested when his right hand man and bodyguard is up on murder charges.  Someone in the pack is a mole, will you guess who it is?  This action packed story will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.

Book one of The Legacy of Kilkenny Saga is available for Free on Amazon and I-books

 For sixteen years, my life has been normal. Piedsville, Oklahoma isn't the tourist mecca of the world, but it's where I live. It's my junior year and I've known everyone since Kindergarten, everyone except her, Pru Phelan. She walked into my English class, my heart stopped. I'd never heard the name Phelan before, so I Googled it and found Phelan means wolf. What I didn't know, she was a werewolf and soon my destiny would change.

This is the story about the prophecy of the Great Wolf and how it relates to me. I'm Abel Casey, and I am the Great Wolf.

The Legacy of Kilkenny is a young adult story about werewolves, friendship, family, and fear.

I've thought of myself as a writer for as long as I can remember. Being a grown up with a grown up job and a family to raise, left me with little time to write. Everyone is grown up now, and I get to do something I want to do. My love of young adult books helped mold me into the paranormal writer I am today.

The Legacy of Kilkenny Saga is near and dear to my heart.  When I started the series, my own son was a junior in high school and Abel has many of his characteristics.  Each character has a little of my daughter and son in them.  I wanted the series to be about friendship and family, two things that are important to me.  The first book really takes the reader on a journey with Abel as he matures.  By the time you get to The Great Wolf, you will see a transformed young man and the decisions how he handles the pressure of being a werewolf.  I hope you enjoy the Legacy books, 

Thank you to all of the readers who have fallen for my wolf pack! 

Apryl Baker

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  1. I kind of prefer werewolves too. They're warn, not cold. Loved the "better than" section of this. It brought a smile to my face. Good job.