Meet author Janet Taylor-Perry

First off—thanks, Apryl for such an awesome event. You rock!

 Second—I feel blessed to be in the company of so many great writers.

Now let's get to a maybe-not-so-revealing interview, seeing as how these folks are tight-lipped.

Larkin Sloan
Raiford Reynolds

Interviewer: I'm here today to talk to some unusual people, Larkin Sloan   and   Raiford Reynolds. Larkin, were you absolutely insane?  How could you remain a captive and let yourself be put in so much danger? You could have died!

Larkin:  (Laughs) Some people might think that, but I listened to the still, small voice of God.

Interviewer: You actually heard God speak to you?

Larkin:   Yes, without doubt. I've dreamed my whole life about a faceless man with dark hair. Later dreams revealed blue eyes, and I always felt safe in his presence.

Interviewer: But you chose to stay before this man (Points to Ray) came into the picture.

Larkin:   (Nodding) But he had the same blue eyes.

Interviewer:  Let's talk about those dreams. Did you at one time wonder if your captor was the man in your dreams?

Larkin:   Of course I did. He treated me with kindness and compassion. (Shrugs) Yet, in my heart I knew he was not the man of my dreams. That's Ray. Somehow, he makes Ray whole.

Interviewer:  How? How could they possibly be so connected?

Larkin:  (Holding up a hand) You'll have to read to find out, but let's just say it's an age-old, mystical, paranormal, supernatural debate.

Interviewer:  Detective Reynolds, or I should say, Chief Reynolds, you had strange dreams too. Did you hear voices as well?

Ray:  (Smiles to reveal dimples) The only time I heard voices was when I coded in surgery. God told me to come back and accept the earthy angel He'd sent me. (Reaches over and takes Larkin's hand.) But, yes, I dreamed about another boy/man. But if I talk about that here, I'll give you too much information. You have to read Lucky Thirteen to find out what happened.

Interviewer:  Other than your unexpected discovery, what was the most bizarre aspect of this murder investigation?

Ray:  Before I met Larkin, it was what the hell all the women had in common. (Scratches head.) Serial killers normally pick a type, but I saw no connection. Larkin pointed out something I never suspected.

Interviewer: You won't say what, will you?

Ray:  (With emphatic head shaking.) No. You have to read to find out. I wonder if you'll figure it out before I did. But once Larkin agreed to be bait, well, witches summoning a demon almost made my heart stop. (Chuckles) Long before surgery.

Interviewer:  But you found each other and have been together thirteen years now. What's your secret?

Together:  Trust/Communication.

Interviewer:  You've just been handed another wild case, Ray. What can you tell us?

Ray:  Not much. You need to read Heartless to find out. But an old friend being a victim and having his heart cut out showed me I still have mine.

Interviewer: You got another surprise.

Ray: Two actually, but that's all I'm saying. (A huge grin spreads across his face.)

Interviewer: Well, I've enjoyed your evasive conversation. Any last comments?

Larkin:    Read Lucky Thirteen, available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

Ray: Read Heartless, available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.
Interviewer: Before I dismiss you, I think we have to speak to one more person—your creator, who just sneaked into the room.

Janet Taylor-Perry, how much of this comes from life experience?

Janet: Well, I was a classroom teacher and actually experienced some of the craziness Larkin did. I've woken up late and gone to school wearing two different shoes. (Laughs) I've been cussed and had books thrown at me, and I've come home with bruises. Luckily, I never was kidnapped or required stitches.

Interview: Do you by any chance hear voices?

Janet: I plead the Fifth Amendment.

Interviewer: A few folks have questioned the thriller over the romance aspect of your work. What do you have to say about that?

Janet: I say this is romantic-suspense. I did not say it was a sexmance, which is the phrase I like to use for the steamy stuff. Do you think maybe I've coined a new word like Mark Twain did? (Laughs outright) There is true love in these pages. Love is much more than sex, and as you read Lucky Thirteen and Heartless, you will see a multitude of different kinds of love.

Interviewer: Will you give us any insight into the stories' development?

Janet: Only to say that the adventure is far from over. Broken is tentatively scheduled for release on Halloween this year. You'll have to read Lucky Thirteen and Heartless to find out what's going on.

Interviewer: Remind us where to find your books.

Janet: Both are available on Amazon in both paperback and for Kindle.

Lucky Thirteen Excerpt:

Larkin rubbed her eyes and tried to shake the cobwebs from her brain. Fatigue weighed on her. She became conscious that her right eye was no longer numb and was beginning to throb. Realizing there was nothing she could do alone in the dark to free herself, she took two of the Advil and rested on the pillow. She tried to pray, but her thoughts flew in a hundred directions. She felt a connection to her best pal, Cyclops, and instructed him to send her some help. Silly thought I know, but any haven in a storm. As she drifted into a fitful slumber, she dreamed of blue eyes, the bluest she had ever seen. The eyes seemed to be in pain and darted to and fro as if frantically searching for something. An irritated, frustrated voice, the voice she had heard earlier in the evening, a familiar voice, accompanied the eyes. “I have to find Larkin. I won’t let her die.” The eyes seemed to stare directly at her, and she could not break their gaze; neither did she want to. She found solace in those eyes.


"Psychological and spiritual entanglements at their best." –Judy H. Tucker, editor, Christmas Memories from Mississippi.
"A thrill ride that keeps you guessing." - John L. Deboar, author, The Side Effect.

Buy on Amazon

Heartless Excerpt:

During his life, Robert had been both Ray's best friend and arch rival. Looking at his lifeless body from behind the crime scene tape now, Ray tried to remember why there had been so much animosity between them. Yes, it was about a woman, one of many Robert chased. Mia Godchaux, my fiancée turned to Robert when I got shot. Later, Robert tried to conquer Larkin, but the love between us endured. "My wife is no pushover," he mumbled. I can't think about this now. I need to focus on the task at hand. God! Robert—murdered.


"Sequels are not supposed to be better than the original, but Heartless is just that." –Wynne Huddleston, 2014 Poet of the Year, Mississippi Poetry Society.

"A story that touched every emotion. Ms. Taylor-Perry knows how to tug heartstrings." –Joss Landry, author, Mirror Deep.

Interviewer: Janet, how can folks find out more about you and your work?

Janet:  You can find me at any of these places.

I'll tell you a little about myself too:

I'm originally from Laurel, Mississippi, and have a Bachelor of Science in Social and Rehabilitative services from University of Southern Mississippi and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Belhaven University. Like, Larkin, I've been a teacher for grades three to twelve in English, social studies, and gifted.

I've entered lots of competitions and have had a number of things place well at the Faulkner Wisdom Competition. Lucky Thirteen was a semi-finalist.

I am the proud mother of five, an avid reader, and a freelance editor. I love anything historical from antique cars, just like Ray does, to old cemeteries. Historical fiction is one of my favorites, and my favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charlaine Harris. My favorite books of all time are The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas and Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. However, I hate coconut and raspberries.

I write across genres, but everything I pen has some amount of romance included, even when try not to write it. It just seems to creep in of its own volition. Romance is sneaky that way.

Last, you, my readers, have my daughter to thank for The Raiford Chronicles. She read the original first three chapters of Lucky Thirteen and literally threw them across the room saying, "Momma, if you make Ray a killer, I'll never read another thing you write." Thus, my foray into multiple personalities took a sharp turn, and I now have four books planned for the series.

I've enjoyed talking to the three of you today. I hope to have you back.

Janet: Maybe after Broken you'll want to hear more before you get to Whatever It Takes.

Interviewer: I'm sure I will. Thanks again.

Janet, Larkin, and Ray: It's been our pleasure.

Interviewer: (Holding up the books) The Raiford Chronicles: Book #1, Lucky Thirteen; Book #2, Heartless. Get your copies today, whatever it takes, before the next treat, Broken, which will most likely be full of tricks, comes out on October 31, 2014.

Apryl Baker


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  3. I really enjoyed the article, girls and have purchased both books. Now I better get reading before book 3 comes out. You have a uniquely original concept, Janet, and I love finding that in a new author I can add to my bookshelf.


    1. Thanks, Susan. I have several of yours on my Kindle now.

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