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Trapping Santa

If you ask people what their best memory of Christmas is, most will mention a special family tradition that usually involves the tree, snow, lights, or music...some might even mention the presents.

Not me.

Though I do have fond memories of those things, what stands out the most is that every single year my brother would try to catch Santa.

The traps started out simple enough before they became quite elaborate as he tried to stay awake all night, with a Nerf gun in hand. Those are the memories that make me smile...the memories I hope to pass on to my own children.

I'm going to share a simple Santa trap that you can do with your kids on Christmas Eve! I guarantee they will have a blast!

Materials needed:


We all know how Santa likes his cookies, so naturally that's the best place to set the trap.
Tie the string off on any object on the wall of the room where the cookies are, and stretch it to the other side of the room. Make sure the string is close enough to the floor so Santa won't be able to see it. 

Continue wrapping the string around miscellaneous objects until you end up in the room the children are sleeping in.

Make sure the string is able to move around the objects if it is pulled on! This is a must!

Tie some bells on the end of the string that is in the children's room and set it over an object that will let the bells freely hang.

Now, when Santa makes is way into the room to get those cookies that he can't resist, he will break the string, causing the bells to fall down and wake the children!

Santa knows when you're awake, so you have to fall asleep. But sleeping with a Nerf gun so you can hunt him when you hear the bells jingle always makes it better. 


Candis Vargo

Apryl Baker

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