Holiday Elf Eric Asher

Damian’s Christmas List

1.   Foster & Aideen – Lightsaber? Yes, definitely. And so much fudge.
2. Sam – a solemn promise not to make her punch herself using my necromancy. For a year. Maybe six months. Eh, a week.
3. Zola – Ribbon candy. Or that awful horehound stuff.
4. Dad & Mom – New welcome mat. Like Carter had with the fangs, but with vampire fangs.
5. Cara – Pfff, whiskey.
6. Frank – Fire extinguisher for his jerky.
7. Edgar – Sunglasses, hahaha. Maybe not. Might kill me.
8. Old Man – A sense of humor. Will definitely kill me.
9. Dell – 1 pound peanut butter cup. Better make it two.
10.             Vicky – Stuffed panda.
11.              Nixie – It needs to be good, but I’m done thinking right now. What’s next?
Chimichangas. I should finish the list, but chimichangas.



Apryl Baker

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