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First I want to give a huge shout-out to Apryl Baker for putting this event together, and giving us authors a chance to share our worlds with you.

My name is Cameo Renae and I write Young Adult - fantasy, paranormal romance and post-apocalyptic, dystopian novels.
This week I've put all three of my (Book #1's) on sale for $0.99!!! 

About the books:

Hidden Wings

Hidden Wings is Book #1 of a YA Paranormal Romance with action, adventure, suspense, mystery and romance. It’s filled with angels, fallen, and lots of dark creatures. It has over 360 Five-star reviews, and has been an International Bestseller. I’m currently working on Book #5 right now, and it should be out late December. 

This book is fast-paced and leaves you wanting more. You find yourself anxious to learn about Emma as she does. Who she is, what she is, who she came from? I'm not hugely into sci-fi or Angels, but this book dragged me into it from word one. I'm definitely getting the rest of the series. - Amazon Review

In My Dreams

In My Dreams is my debut novel, is a story of unconditional love. It’s a heartbreaking yet heartwarming, paranormal romance with a lot of twists and turns.

"This is truly a love story that you will never forget. Cameo Renae has a real gift bringing her characters to life, and if In My Dreams is any indicator of whats to come in Cameo's books I certainly can not wait to read more! In my opinion if you like to read YA or even if you don't you ABSOLUTELY need to read this book." - Paranormal Books R Us (Melanie)


The After Light Saga is my YA Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian. This saga is still in progress, but has been such an incredible journey. ARV-3 has recently been turned into a short-film by Timid Monster Productions, and will be made available to the public in the next few months.

ARV-3 kept me up half the night turning pages. With a wicked engaging plot, believable and unforgettable characters this book is a must read! Don't just add it to your TBR pile, move it to the top of your list!" - Cambria Hebert - Bestselling Author of the #Hashtag Series 

Watch the book trailer of ARV

Teaser from ARV-3:

     I was struggling. My arms were shaking, and getting weak from the strain. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on. I decided to give one last effort, so with a loud shout, I pushed the Arvy back with everything I had, but it planted its feet and thrust forward, slamming my head against the concrete.

     Suddenly the world around me began to spin and my eyes started to darken around the edges. No. Not now. I needed to stay alert. I needed to hold on.

     I closed my eyes and squeezed the Arvy’s neck with every- thing I had left, while the world around me was slowly starting to mute.

     Hold on, Abi. Hold on. There was gunfire and chopper blades. I felt the swirling wind around me. I prayed help was near.

     I tried to stay coherent, but the blow to my head did some damage. As much as fought to stay awake, I could feel myself fading.

     Finn. I hoped he would forgive me. I hoped they could save him.

     “Abi!” Uncle Frank yelled, but his voice was distant.

     I couldn’t hold the Arvy back any longer. My arms were too weak and my brain was shutting down.

     My world suddenly went black.

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Hidden Wings (includes bonus novella, Descent)

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