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Description for The Sower Comes

Kneel before the Light. Stand against the Darkness.
As the new king of a world in turmoil, life isn’t easy for David Corbin. 

Abby Brown, the girl he loves, has vanished, and David fears the worst: that she was brutally murdered by the Daughters of Mercy, vicious creatures employed by Tynan Tierney, an evil lord vying for the throne. The powerful Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney's cause and all communication with David and the other three Oracles has ceased. Cai Terenmare is on the brink of war. And, to make matters worse, a new evil has arisen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierney himself. 

On the bright side, David has his treacherous aunt locked up in his dungeon. Lucia's not happy that her lover, Tierney, tried to kill her, and she owes David for saving her life. Lucia may have critical information about Tierney's plans for the Sower, but after all the trouble she's caused, can David ever trust her again?

An Unlikely Alliance 
By Alexa Sanchez, Reporter for the Newcastle Beach Gazette

Alexa: Today I’m interviewing Lucia and Cael from The Solas Beir Trilogy. Lucia is sister to Eulalia of Caislucis, queen of Cai Terenmare, and Cael is the queen’s champion, protector of the realm. Lucia, Cael, thanks for joining me. 

My first question is for Cael. When we left you in The Rabbit and the Raven, the second book in the trilogy, things weren’t going so well for you. Can you tell us about that?

Cael (nods): Yes. I had accompanied David, our king, on a mission to form an alliance with the Eastern Oracle. The Oracle had no interest in helping us, because he had already aligned with the traitor, Tierney. We left the city and traveled to a portal at the Eye of the Needle, but Lucia and her army of Blood Shadows attacked us.

Alexa: During the battle you were seriously injured, correct?

Cael: I am afraid so. At great risk to himself, David used his power as Solas Beir to heal me, and took my injuries for his own. It almost killed him.

Lucia: He never told me that.

Cael: Why would he? You betrayed him. And then he nearly died again, healing you.

Lucia (crosses arms and looks away): I didn’t ask him to heal me.

Cael (muttering): He didn’t do it for you.

Alexa: Lucia, how were you injured?

Lucia (laughs bitterly): Let’s just say Tierney caught wind of my loyalty to David. He wasn’t happy about it.

Cael: Loyalty? What loyalty? You fought against us at every turn.

Lucia (sighing): I get why you think that. But please understand, Cael. Everything I did was to protect David.

Cael: You have a strange way of protecting people.

Alexa: Let’s talk about Queen Eulalia. You both have strong ties to her, and neither of you were thrilled when the former Solas Beir chose her as his bride. Cael, you were heart-broken because you were in love with her, and Lucia, you were angry because you wanted to be queen. That’s why you turned to Tierney, isn’t it?

Lucia: That’s only part of the story. Yes, I wanted to marry the king, but then I realized he was a fool—about more than just love. If Ardal had it his way, he would have destroyed our kingdom.

Cael: So you killed him for it and stole your sister’s child? And then, when Eulalia tried to rescue David, you cast a spell to disfigure her. You were never protecting David—you were helping Tierney. What do you think will happen if Tierney gains the crown? 

Lucia: Ardal’s death was a necessary sacrifice. You don’t know what he did, Cael. Even now his mistakes threaten the realm. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

Cael: Tell the truth, Lucia. You know nothing of sacrifice. All you have ever done is advance your own interests. Now Tierney will use the Sower to claim the throne.

Lucia (laughing): Oh, Cael. So loyal, so dutiful. It must be hard for you, never questioning those you serve. The Sower only exists because of your dear friend, Ardal.

Alexa: Hold up. What is this Sower?

Cael: An abomination. A vile creature that will tear our world apart if we fail to stop it.

Lucia: On that point, we agree.

Alexa: So now, despite your past conflicts, you’re going to have to work together.

Cael: If we do not, Eulalia will die. The Sower has poisoned her.
Lucia: If we do not, everyone will die. My sister’s death will only be the first.

Alexa: Well, that sounds ominous. I hope you two can find common ground—good luck.

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