Top Secret - Shhh...

For a few months now, I have been secretly plotting, hunched over, laughing evilly while conspiring with several other bestselling authors.

What’s going on, you ask?

*Rubs hands together and chuckles*

Wouldn’t you love to know? Well, too bad! I can’t tell you!

But I will give you a few small details to wet your imagination and get you as excited as we are. You may end up by the fireplace, sipping on your whiskey, while your imagination runs crazy with thoughts of what we are up to.

We are working on a top secret project, something so epic, you’ll all be talking about it for ages.  We’ve created a world where anything is possible, where as an author, I can sit indulge in my most evil designs.

What world? Don’t you want to know? Just imagine all the dark, romantic, or adventurous tales you can come up with and you still can’t imagine the amazing world we have in store for you.

Even though I can’t tell you any more just yet, we’ve created a way for you to be one of the first to discover the details about this conspiracy of ours.

How? Easy.

We have created a newsletter for our biggest fans. The project will kick off in the fall of 2016 and the newsletter will focus only on this top secret project! Beginning in September, every week for sixteen weeks, you will receive notice of a new release from one of the hottest collections to hit the market!

You won’t be spammed with any other offers. We promise!

BUT…this is the only newsletter where you will be notified of all the books in the collection as they are released!!

Every bestselling author to participate in this collaborative set will also have something special to offer them with their individual title release, so you will NOT want to miss out!

***This collection is recommended for mature audiences due to dark content and sexy encounters.***

Meet the Authors!
USA Today Bestselling Author REBECCA HAMILTON
Amazon Bestselling Author SYLVIA FROST
USA Today Bestselling Author APRYL BAKER
USA Today Bestselling Author RAINY KAYE writing with NATASHA LARRY
USA Today Bestselling Author JC ANDRIJESKI
USA Today Bestselling Author CONNER KRESSLEY
Amazon Bestselling Author LISA SWALLOW
USA Today Bestselling Author NOREE COSPER
USA Today Bestselling Author ANGELA FRISTOE
Amazon Bestselling & Award Winning Author J.E. TAYLOR
Amazon Bestselling Author SHANNON ECKRICH
Amazon Bestselling Author AMY LEE BURGESS
Amazon Bestselling Author HEATHER MARIE ADKINS
Amazon Bestselling Author JARET MARTENS
Award Winning Author JO MICHAELS
Remember, sign up for the newsletter to be one of the only people who will discover our world first!

Apryl Baker

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