I am shaking my head here

I got asked to review a couple books from new and upcoming authors. Now, these are people that have agents and have their books sold to bonafied publishing houses. I met them through my twitter and my other writer's websites I frequent. They are great folks and I really, really like them.

The problem? I am not liking their books so much. I have to shake my head and think to myself, how in God's name did you get an agent and who in their right mind would publish this?

The writing is bad in one, the storyline lame in another, and the main characters in the last one are just boring.

I have come to know some really good authors and have read thier work, work that is exceptional, but for some reason, they can't get an agent. Agents won't touch thier work.

My question is WHY? Why can really awful writers get agents and the really good ones, seem to struggle, some never finding a home for thier work. What is wrong with agents today that they will pass up exceptional work for rotgut stuff? Drunk, blind, or afraid to take on something that hasn't been rewritten to death? I just don't understand it.

Apryl Baker


  1. I know what you mean, I've read some things that were truly awful and thought 'how did that ever get onto the shelves'. Then I look at my writing and think, surely mine is better than that, why can't i get published?
    It's a mystery. Wish I knew the answer, if you ever do find out, let me know. :D
    Great post!!!

  2. I definitely understand what you mean. I started to read a ghost story by a man who had written many books(all published), and I hated it. The writing was awful, the stories were very two dimensional, and there were hundreds(no exaggeration) of editing errors. Being a writer and a future copy editor, I couldn't even finish reading the book. I just don't know how it happens.